When Ever I Wake Up…

Another week down. I feel like I’m counting down to something. Probably death.

Friday night Courtney, Keaton and I met up with Scotty, Eric, Jeremy, Christine and Christy at The Beaumont to (finally) check out Penumbra for the Club Wars final. I wanted to have a very tame night so that I would be in top form for Saturday so we only stayed for Penumbra and didn’t have any adult fun beverages. Penumbra was good, but nothing special. They played well and their singer (who everyone I know knows) has a great voice but the music just isn’t my thing. Which is kinda funny because a few years ago I would have killed to hear a band like them. Problem is their sound belongs a few years back. I did vote for them though. I guess The Leo Project ended up winning the competition. I’ve never heard them but I guess it’s time to check em out.
We had a quick bite at Town Topic and that was *it* for that night. I think I was in bed at like 11:30pm or something absurd like that.

Saturday night; ah, Saturday night. That was a different story. Saturday night was the giant white trash extravaganza for Adam’s 30th birthday and we trashed it up GOOD. Everyone’s outfits were awesome. Lots of pictures are coming soon. You can already see a few at Courtney’s place. My outfit consisted of some torn up Dickie’s type pants, a way too small wife beater that I used to clean the fireplace with, work boots and a trucker hat. I dunno, I thought I looked pretty hot.

As usual, lots of terrible things happened. I single handedly polished off enough Natty Light to kill a horse which led to me passing out which led to me being woken up and dressed like a stripper (along with Lake) which led to us giving the most hideous strip show to Adam that has ever existed. I only pray that there is no video. I already know there are pictures.
There were also great birthday presents, lots of yummy food, running wild in the streets and my house being utterly trashed.

The problem recently, or at least one of the many, is that I still drink like I am 265 pounds. Or possibly I drink like I am 350 pounds. And I just can’t hang like that any more. I drink and drink and drink and then the party is over for me. Gotta knock that off. It would be cool to actually remember some of these weekends, nawmean?

Sunday I mostly just laid around groaning and trying to recover. Eventually I mostly did and went to see Skeleton Key with Tricia. Pretty good movie, and cool ending. Wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be. Ever since I saw The Ring I’ve been a complete pussy about scary movies, so I was a little worried that I’d never sleep again after seeing this. Not so. I was completely out as soon as I got home and I barely had any trouble looking in the mirror this morning while getting ready for work. Unfortunately I wasn’t really fully recovered from Saturday. I pretty much felt like I was going to die the entire time and was in a shitty mood. Sorry!

And that’s about that. Tomorrow is The White Stripes which should be really cool. I am not a huge fan of them but I do like their music and I hear that it’s worth going to the show just to see Jack Black White play. Thursday is a whole pile of black metal bands at El Torreon but I dunno if I’ll go to that. I don’t think anyone else wants to. And then Saturday is The Redwalls who I’ve never even heard at all but Tricia et al. tell me they’re great.

And one last note: The title of this post references the track “Hello Tomorrow” by Karen O and Squeak E. Clean from that weird Adidas commercial I saw at the theater last night. Very cool track. I wish it was longer. You can grab it on iTunes.

Update: Sarah just stopped by and gave me some of her pictures from the party. It’s worse than I could have possibly imagined.

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