Berlin: Monday

Today in Berlin was wonderful. I love this city. It’s perfect and I want to tell you all about it and all the great things I saw in detail but I’m not going to. I have to go to bed. I have a train to Dresden leaving at 5:12am tomorrow and it’s already 12:42am. That was the only train I could get that would get me back to Berlin in time to catch my flight to London.

Tomorrow is going to hurt.

Why do it? I saw everything I wanted to see in Berlin today. I walked the entire city. I don’t want to do it again. It’s nice here, but I don’t need another day as a tourist. I want to see Dresden very much. It comes highly recommended and hell, just sitting on an air conditioned train for 2 hours each way sounds like heaven right now.

I will relate a quick little story, or two.

I bought two beers and two waters on my way back to my room just now. I put them in a bag provided by the grocer. I opened one of the waters and it’s carbonated. I hate sparkling water. Whatever, I shook it till the gas was gone and sucked it down. So then I’m walking and my bag rips and one of my beers shatters on the ground. I swear to you, I almost cried.

I get back to the hotel and ask the receptionist (male) if I can get a wake up call. He responds with a string of German. “Sprect English?” I ask and he says no. So then we went through a highly humorous pantomime session resulting in me, hopefully, getting a wake up call at 4am. I had to tilt my head and pretend I was sleeping to get “wake up call” through and then remember my high school German to get the numbers right. I think it worked.

“Zitter… uh… nine!” “Fier… hours!”

I wish I had the video tape.

Talk to you all about Berlin tomorrow. Probably from London.

Oh, I did upload lots of pictures from Berlin. Check em out.

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