So, how have you been?
It’s been a while since we talked. I mean, really talked.
You know, like we did that one time? You’ve been so quiet recently. And I have too. It’s like we’re growing apart, you and I.


So, it’s been a busy few weeks. Or months. Year, really. It’s been a busy ass life and now I’m going to tell you all about it.

Let me just see how far back I need to go…

Ohhhh yea. The night of the fateful car crash. Let’s not talk about that.

So, the weekend before last was Simucon in St. Louis. Adam, JoLynn, Scott and I packed up all our shit and plenty of booze into Adam’s car and we hit the damn road around 4:30pm on Thursday. After sitting in traffic for about 16 hours we finally started rolling and had a fairly uneventful trip across Missouri. One bit of fun was that I was able to use my cell phone as a modem to get decent Internet access the entire way. That was pretty neat.

So we rolls up into Simucon and loaded all our gear into the room. We had two coolers full of booze and when we brought those in we attracted a small train. The train stopped in our room and the liver destruction began forthright! I don’t think I can possibly describe the way things went the rest of the night better than this video so you had better watch that before we continue.

We’re particularly proud of the “money shots on the mirror”. Wow.

Other news of note is that I managed to seriously damage my hand, knee and right ankle. I love to skip when I get drunk and I skipped right off a set of concrete steps I didn’t see. Woops!

So that was Thursday. Friday was pretty laid back. There was need of recovery. Saturday was a little more of the same and Sunday we came back.

Simucon this year was much more mellow than last year. There were way less people there so they didn’t successfully take over the entire hotel. It was still fun, but it was more fun last year when there were gamer geeks as far as the eye could see.

So then there was some stuff. Work. Car. Calls to insurance. Calls to the car place. More work.

Friday! Friday I finally convinced Adam, JoLynn and Patrick to hit up some Rudy’s and we completely pigged out. I had to be up really early Saturday morning so I didn’t really drink. We came back to my place and hung out, had a few drinks, killed a few dragons and called it an early night.

Saturday morning I had to get up at 5:30am to head off to Longview Lake for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Tug of War. That was a lot of fun and we managed to win one heat. We didn’t win the entire event, unfortunatly, but CRL has never won a single heat before so we were pretty proud. And sore. Those people take their Tug of War very seriously. Big fun.

That night we took a big gang of folk out to Ameristar Casino for Patrick’s 21st birfday. We started at the buffet and ended at Pancho’s. Inbetween that Scott and Eric both won bluetooth headsets for 50c in an arcade machine, I won and then lost $160 playing blackjack, Patrick got pretty hammered when we started buying shots and drinks before the bar closed, and we all ate mountains of food and dessert at the buffet. Since I had saved my party up on Friday night I went out with the intention of not coming home till the sun came up and when Tricia dropped me off at about 5:30am the sky was beginning to lighten. Mission accomplished.

Sunday JoLynn and I went to the dog park to let Sonja and Ty frolic about. Sonja squatted in the lake for about 10 minutes. Everyone knew she was pooping, but I think she thought she was being pretty sneaky. She looked like you do when you suddenly stop swimming in the pool and stand there trying to look all innocent for about 15 seconds.

And that, my friends, is that. Coming up next is a few concerts (One Degree Difference Thursday night woot!!!), a trip to New Jersey this weekend and Buzz Beach Ball 1 next week. And presumably I’ll see my fucking car again some time. GOSH.

Oh yea, before I forget. Please, please, please for the love of all that you hold sacred go buy Team Sleep’s debut album “Team Sleep”. It’s completely great and I love it. Or at least download it or something. Also, Necrophagist’s “Onset of Putrefaction” is pretty decent although I don’t imagine that’s your thing.

And “Where You End” by Moby on the new(ish) “Hotel” album is really just depressing as hell. Good though.

3 thoughts on “Winnar!”

  1. You’re going to Jersey? Hrm… is this a trip where you’ll have any free time that a couple fazers driving a couple hours to see you could fill up? 😉

  2. Abby, I’d love to see you guys! I don’t know how much time I will really have though, unfortunately. It’s a pretty short trip (Friday night through Monday afternoon) and I’ll probably be spending most of it with family. Maybe next time 🙁

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