Sheep Go To Heaven

Last night was the big Buzz Beach Ball 1 at Sandstone Ampitheater (keep the dream alive!) and it kicked piles of ass. The lineup was Story of the Year, Straylight Run, Cake and Weezer. The gang was Scotty, Christine, Adam, JoLynn, Courtney, Keaton, Jonathan, Elana, Tricia and me.

I was pretty excited to see Story of the Year because I dig some of their songs I’ve heard on the radio but they ended up sucking. Their sound wasn’t very good and the front man blabbed like a 10 year old the entire time. Lame.

Straylight Run I missed most of because I was in the beer line. I didn’t even know they were playing because I thought they were supposed to be on the main stage and were on the side stage instead. Oh well.

Cake was completely awesome and put on a great show. Could have been louder, but lots of fun to listen to and everyone sang along. Very cool. They didn’t play Jolene which was the song I wanted to hear most, but they played lots of other great songs.

Weezer I didn’t know what to expect with but they didn’t dissapoint. Rivers was pretty lively and even commented on the audience a few times, which is pretty rare from what I hear. They had this really cool abstract background that was white lines on black except the white lines would change colors and animate now and then. I’m still not sure how they did it. Very cool though. They played all the favorites except My Name is Jonah and only played a few of the new songs. All the kids at the show sang along to We Are All On Drugs and Beverly Hills and all us old people sang along to everything else 🙂

Oh, hehe, one thing that made me laugh pretty hard was that when one of the songs started I was slapping my thighs to the beat. Just rocking out and having a good time and suddenly the group behind me started doing the same thing and then the song turned out to be Buddy Holly and we all jumped up and kicked it.

We wrapped up the night Pancho’s Stylee and I just gave blood for an Omega 3 Fatty Acid study at work. I can’t wait to see what they extract from it. They are gonna be like “This guy is made of 100% melted cheese, hot dogs and Bud Light.”

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