On The Seventh Day…

So. That was pretty fun!
Friday night we had a house party at my place for Francie’s impending departure from Kansas City. Pretty standard house party except with quite a bit more dancing, I’d say. And I got Sharpied. That was fresh and new. And Adam dumped all my clean and dirty laundry on me while I was passed out and then took pictures.
I’m not saying there’ll be payback, but I’m not NOT saying there will be.
And I know who Sharpied me. Oh yes, I know.

It was kind of a low turnout for the number of people that got invited. Lots of people had random lame excuses but we still rocked the house like… a… hurricane? Something. Jono showed and took lots of footage with his new video camera and that should be making an appearance pretty soon.

Saturday was Christine’s birthday at River Market Brewing Company. I made a brief appearance but I was still feeling pretty hung over from the night before and I called an early night. I was asleep on the couch by 10pm.

Sunday Tricia and I hit up The Bottleneck for some Corrosion of Conformity which totally rocked. Hotter than hell though! Seriously, it was like 100+ in there. Every piece of clothing I had on was completely drenched. The band, towards the end of their set was like “This place fucking sucks! Where’s the AC?”
They played a great show though and it was a lot of fun. Wrapped things up at Perkins cause Pizza Shuttle was closed and Town Topic was too far away.

Tonight is TEAM SLEEP! Which I am ultra excited about. Back to The Bottleneck again for that one. And we already agreed to go to Town Topic after, so that’s gonna be awesome. And then it’s some dragon slaying, and the Moon Party and Lollapalooza and The Bravery and One Degree Difference and the float trip… Man, it’s a good fuckin month.

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