Further Thoughts On The Subject of Thursdays

My body is mostly working again, so I should probably tell you what happened last night. Courtney mentioned the other day that The Aristocrats was playing at the Tivoli theater in Westport so we invited the gang and planned a night of it. The invite Courtney wrote was really funny. Here it is:

So, there’s this bald guy, this short girl, this towering giant, a blonde with big boobs, a guy that kind of resembles a leprechaun, this skinny blonde guy right out of Hitler’s wildest aryan dreams, and one of the Olson twins and they walk in to a talent agency. They have this really amazing idea. They should go see the Aristocrats.

It’s probably funnier if you know all of us. Heh. Anyway, we ended up at McCoy’s with Courtney, Scott, Adam, JoLynn, Tricia, Jonathan, Elana, Jeff, Kathryn, Jeremy and myself. Ate some yummy snacks and had some yummy beers and headed over to the Tivoli.

The movie started out really funny. I was laughing hard and had tears in my eyes. Eventually it settled into a pace. Got a little on the long winded side but was generally hilarious pretty much all the way through. I definitely recommend it. If you can’t laugh at the language, or the joke, loosen the hell up.

Afterwards we headed back to McCoy’s for a nightcap or three or six. We got sloshed and told ghost stories, which was fun. Unfortunatly I don’t really have any ghost stories so I mostly listened 🙂 We wrapped things up around 12:30ish or so. Judging from the text messages at least. Courtney sent me a message at 1:07 saying to be careful on the way home, lots of cops. Then Adam sent one at like 1:26 saying basically the same thing.

Everyone was pretty beat except Tricia and I and they all decided to head towards home. Tricia and I were needing the rock so we headed over to The Hurricane. Unfortunately “Cattle Lack Order” had just finished and they were packing up their van. We chatted with those guys for a few minutes and then went a’wandering. As we wandered past Blaney’s we heard some nice blues guitar coming out and we headed in. They were doing this cool blues jam thing where people would just come up, take an instrument and play a couple songs. All of it was really great and we listened till they kicked us out of the place and then some.

I was a hurtin’ unit when I got up this morning. Doing a lot better now after a little food and water. I wish these nights would happen on a damn Friday or Saturday but going back through my history it seems I am destined to spend Thursdays partying my ass off. Well, and Friday and Saturday too. Sheesh.

Oh, funny thing: We were sitting at the table at McCoy’s and I was going to introduce people who hadn’t met. Jeff suggested we all “Say your name, where you work and something about yourself”. So we did that and it was pretty funny. To protect the innocent I won’t say what people said about themselves but it seems many of us have something in common!

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