Thy Weekend Runneth Over

So, pretty busy weekend. Lots to do. Lots to say. Good stuff! Yea!

I already told you about Thursday, which is when the weekend really started. So I’ll leave that out. Since I already told you and all. And it’s right down there. Review if you feel like you need to.

Okay, good. So Friday was pretty rough. I got like 2 hours of sleep before I went to work and it was a long day at work. I got home and pretty much hit the sack but didn’t sleep very well. I planned to meet up with Adam and JoLynn for some additional kicking it at 8 but I didn’t crawl out of bed till then. So, showered, shat and shaved and hit the road. I wasn’t feeling too bad so I took some beer with me to Adam’s place and we got a’rollin. After 3 beers we decided to hit Fox and Hound for some old school pool and that’s when my shit fell apart.

As soon as we got to Fox and Hound we ordered a round of Sexy Alligators, which were great. We also ordered 22 or 24 ounce beers, don’t remember how big they were. Big though. And cheese fries. Yea! I don’t remember how many of those big ass beers I had, but it was a lot. We played one, or two or three games of pool and I think I won all but one. Or maybe none. Or possibly I didn’t play and just sat in the corner and dreamed I was playing. Finally I had had enough and I was falling asleep at the table. The waitress comes and Adam orders me a Guinness which I am pretty sure I tried to slur that I didn’t want. To no avail. Thinking everyone would be really impressed if I chugged the entire thing, I did. I finished it before the waitress walked away and she said “Well, that went fast.” and took the glass with her. And I remember no more.

The legend goes that on the way home I passed out in Adam’s car with my arm hanging out the window. Adam was worried that my arm would attract attention so he rolled up the window with my arm in it to get my attention. Guess it worked. We get back to Adam’s house and I guess Adam and JoLynn man- (and woman-) handled me into the apartment. As we walked in I realized I was hungry and said “Oh man, I wanted to go to Panchos!”. Adam held up a bag and was like “We did.” Apparently they had asked me if I wanted anything and I just grunted.

So, I slept at Adam’s place and rolled home around 8:30am. And now it’s Saturday!

I slept most of Saturday away cause I knew I had another night of good times ahead. Tricia had indicated a willingness to kick it She was working till 11pm so it was gonna be a long night no matter what happened. She showed up around 11:45pm and we rolled out. The plan was to hit The Hurricane cause they were supposed to be having All Night Rock. The fun began as we were walking from the garage to The Hurricane and Tricia’s flip flop/sandal thing broke. After some frantic searching, and some help from Stan, the owner of The Hurricane, we ended up getting the car and buying new shoes at Walgreens. Very stylish.

We made it into the club while Fall of Troy was playing and they rocked. We stuck to the PBR cause we were both feeling a little broke and quickly got completely wrecked. Shots Fired came on later and were really good. At least, I think they were really good. I honestly couldn’t describe either band cause I don’t think my ears actually heard anything after Fall of Troy’s first note. Either I’m getting old (yes) or The Hurricane was louder than ever.

We spent an hour or so talking to Ricardo, the patron saint of The Hurricane, who was really nice and lots of fun to talk to, and we just generally loafed around the place till they kicked us out at about 3:15am.

Being far too intoxicated to even think about driving we decided to hoof it down to Chubby’s and have some breakfast and oldies. On the way we passed the BP station on the corner of Broadway and… something, and it was just completely packed with people. There had to have been about 100 people, many with cars parked at odd angles just hanging out there. Made it to Chubby’s and spent about 15 minutes waiting to get in. There were three security guards letting people go in as people came out and we specifically asked for a nonsmoking booth with a juke box. Bit of a tall order so we waited a while as other people went ahead of us.

Breakfast was great, and I think Chubby’s replaced Town Topic as my favorite pancake place. While we waited for the food we ordered up a ton of oldies on the juke box and waited, and waited and waited for them to play. Someone else had ordered up pretty much every country song on the list so we ended up waiting quite a while to hear our music. I think it was about 6am by time we finally left there.

So we’re walking back towards my car and as we approach the BP we notice some red drops on the sidewalk. And then more. And then quite a bit more, turning more into a streak than drops. And as we get to the curb that meets the asphalt of the parking lot there is a pool of blood. I’ve described this to a few people since I saw it but I have no better word than pool. It was the most blood I’ve ever seen. So, it looks like something terrible happened to someone. The parking lot was completely empty at this point.

And that was pretty much that for Saturday. We made it back to my place alive and then Tricia made it back to her place alive. Hooray!

Sunday I was up at about 9am because my body is retarded. Washed the car, played with the dog, cleaned up the house some and just generally moped around the place till 3pm when I headed up north to meet with Tricia (again) for “The 40 Year Old Virgin”. Actually she’s only 28. Oh, haha! I kill me! Anyway we checked out the new Majestic Theaters in Zona Rosa which are like the VIP Room on the Plaza only swankyer and bigger. The deal with them (and the VIP Room) is that you get to see a movie and order food and drinks (of the adult kind) during the whole thing and you can just generally pig out and get drunk. Due to poor planning we ended up seeing a concession only show so no food and drinks for us. Probably best, really. There is only so much abuse one liver can take.

The theater was cool, but kinda weird. All the chairs are these leather office type chairs and it just didn’t feel like a movie theater to me. The VIP Room has these huge leather recliners and while it’s not the same as a normal movie theater it feels more theater like. I’m not saying I’d kick The Majestic out of bed for eating crackers but I think I like the VIP better.

Anyway, the movie was hilarious. Highly recommended and not nearly as horribly cheesy as I expected it to be. It was embarrassing though. I have this weird empathy thing where I empathize too much with characters and it makes it hard for me to watch when they are in embarrassing situations. It’s part of the reason I can’t stand sitcoms, and really TV altogether.
Anyway, funny. Go see it.

Later that night I went over Adam’s place to watch Rome with he and JoLynn. They coerced me into seeing the first episode last week and it’s a pretty good show.

And finally, we’ve made it to Monday. I hope you aren’t still reading this but if you are, well, okay.

I was up at 8am to start waiting for the cable guy. My cable modem has been dead since Thursday, so no intertron for me all weekend. He finally showed up at 10:30am and quickly discovered that somehow the cable line that goes from the pole across the street to my pole and then my house had been completely severed and removed. He suggested it might have been a tall truck but there is another cable right near it even lower, so for now, I blame the squirrels. Got that all squared away and headed into work to begin filming “Plight of the Living Dead”!! Jonathan, Lake and I (with helpful giggling from the lovely Sarah) decided to make a short zombie movie for a film competition. Jono came strapped no regrets with tons of film gear and lights and microphones and we converted my cubicle into the set.
Unfortunately, that’s all I’m gonna say. I don’t wanna give away the plot before our big opening in L.A. so you’ll just have to wait. We filmed for about 4 hours, ended up with 30 minutes of film and hope to make a 3 minute movie. I’ll let you know when you can see it, or you can just watch the listings at your local mega-cineplex.

And now I’m thinking I might make some spaghetti.

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