Now I Know Why…

It seems I managed to make it through a weekend without any incredibly embarrassing photos being taken of me. Score! At least, none I know of.

Friday night ye olde gang kicked it on over to Blue Koi for some dinner. Adam, JoLynn, Lake, Sarah, Courtney, Jono, Elana and I feasted on all kinds of great stuff and tried to figure out what to do for the rest of the evening. As so often happens when we can’t figure out what to do we ended up at the liquor store and then my house. We had a small, but fun impromptu house party and even finally busted out the Twister game I got for my birthday. Good times. We also played quarters and darts and I lost at all of it.

Saturday I headed over to Jono’s place to do some voice overs for the movie. It will be hitting theaters Thursday, so make sure you call for advance tickets. Just tell em you want the new Wagner joint and they’ll know what you are looking for.

Saturday night was, I believe, what we’d like to call a “bender”. It started innocently enough. Tricia and I met up and headed down to Westport to catch some dinner and some art before the Interpol show. We ate at Sung Son (I think it was called), a Vietnamese place on Pennsylvania. I’ve never had Vietnamese so I was a little scared, but it was really good and the place was super cool.

The Westport Art Fair was very cool, but small. It made me want money. Lots of. There were a few pieces I really liked and would have bought if I had driven my gold plated Ferrari to Westport instead of my (admittedly, still very awesome) RX-8. Some of the photos I liked I could afford but the paintings I remember wanting were like $1700 and $3000. Yea.

We finally made our way to The Uptown Theater and met with Keaton for some hot Interpol action and hot it was! HOT HOT HOT! They played a hell of a show. I even bought the t-shirt. Hooray rock and roll lifestyle. After the show we decided to walk to The Hurricane by way of anywhere else that looked good. That turned out to be Chez Charlie’s (probably spelled all wrong). Tricia had been there before with Andrea and liked it. So in we went and had a few drinks. Nice little bar, and cheap drinks. Some guy walked out of the bar singing “Take On Me” at the top of his lungs at one point and the rest of the bar sat there laughing for a while. It was great.

We eventually made it to The Hurricane and you know how that goes. There’s something about that place that makes me completely drunk. I’d imagine it’s the drinks but I am not ruling out that it could be something in the air. I got in a little bit of trouble for holding a bar stool on top my head and spinning it around. I have no idea what I was doing. I’m an idiot. Courtney and JoLynn were supposed to meet us there but JoLynn was having car troubles so it was just Courtney. Her and Keaton weren’t much into the loud, and admittedly bad rock inside so they hung outside for a while. Eventually Courtney and Keaton bailed and Tricia and I stumbled our asses to Chubby’s for breakfast. I don’t even know what time it was, or what time I got home.

Sunday I mostly laid in bed nursing my broken liver. And reading. And that’s pretty much it. I snuck out for a little while to watch Rome with Adam and JoLynn and that’s about it. That’s about all I could manage 🙂

The great thing about having a website like this is that in a few years all my friends and family will be able to go back through the history of it and say “Oh. That’s what happened.”

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