Get Your Cameras Ready

It’s been a busy, fun week so far and it certainly isn’t going to slow down for the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I never did mention what antics I got up to last weekend. Friday night Adam, JoLynn and I went over to Lake’s place to a quickly arranged house party. Unfortunately no one really showed up so we decided to move the party to Sidepockets. Tricia and JoLynn’s friend Laurie met us there and we played darts and hung out. Good times. Everyone was still in the mood to kick it and it was getting late so we moved the party again to my place. Scotty showed up at some point and there was lots of Jaeger and jello shots, doors open to the beautiful night and late night Dennys. Success!

Saturday was a lazy, hungover day most. Took Sonja to the dog park with Lake and his two dogs and then finished up Halo 1 with Adam that night. Sunday was pretty quiet as well. Met Adam and JoLynn for some football and beers and stuffing myself sick at 810 Zone and had a pretty early night.

So, on to the week. Monday night was big, big rock and roll fun in Lawrence. Tricia, her sister Nicole, Nicole’s husband Chris and I headed west for some Greek food and a little Built to Spill. Mad Greek was delicious, as always, and the concert kicked ass. Mike Johnson opened again and put on an incredible show and Built to Spill was great. They closed with a cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and it was just awesome.

Tuesday Scotty and I worked all night writing a WinAmp plugin for his new laptop, which I’ve already talked about a little further down.

And then last night it was Coldplay at Sandstone! Rilo Kiley opened up and played well but just didn’t do it for me. I only really liked their single, “Portions for Foxes” which they played last and played well. Coldplay was incredible. They had a great light show, sounded perfect and just played a perfect show. We had lawn seats so we couldn’t see the band very well but they had a massive projector system behind the band and they showed closeups plenty of times and did all kinds of cool video stuff. At one point the screen did this whole “Get Your Cameras Ready” countdown thing and then they put the crowd on the giant video screen and lit the whole place up with massive flood lights. Very cool.

So that’s that for now. There’s all kinds of stuff going on for the rest of the week, but no one with whom to do it! Franz Ferdinand is tonight in Lawrence, The Prids are Friday in St. Joe and One Degree Difference is Saturday at The Hurricane. I’ll be at the ODD show, but the rest I’ll have to catch next time through.

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