Peace! I Beseech Thee!

I’ll never get the hang of Thursdays.

Saw “Chronicles of Narnia” last night and it was super great. Highly recommended. Very faithful to the books, as far as my broken memory allows me to remember. The characters were great and I think I knew Susan in a previous life. Or possibly this one. The girl that played Susan looked really, really, really familiar to me and it drove me absolutely nuts and still is.

I don’t think Tricia noticed me tear up a few times…

Last night was also the gift exchange between a few of us. It was a lot of fun and everyone did really great on the gifts. I got an Electric Buddha and it’s awesome. It’s a little red box that plays ambient loops for me.
And of course, since it was Thursday and I had to work in the morning there was lots of wine and beer and insanity and fun at Adam and JoLynn’s place. Wheee.

I can’t write today for some reason. Brain no work good.

I think I’m gonna have Boulevard Wheat and Cranberry & Vodka on tap Saturday night. Someone’s gonna throw up, and it just… might… be… me!

I have a vague memory of talking to someone about their (and my) right (or possibly left) side being colder than their other. Who was that? Or was it a dream?

I won’t bind my strings to you
But build my world besides you
Watching you draw a line
Some say you are, you are
Just like a butterfly
Whose broken wings will spread
To softly feel your mood
Over the blue sky full of you
Pink love, pink love, pink love
Just like a fairytale

My only reason naturally
Starts to get to me
Pushing my way through
Mesh of life
I want to kiss the sickness of mind
My heart without reason
Sunken to deep disappointment
Spreads over universe
With a knife
I want to bleed out distress like this

It’s not just a fairytale
It’s painted by me
It’s not just loneliness between you and I
If on magic mountain you find you can breath
Then stay and don’t look back
To the blue woven sky

Storms of petals are pouring down
Pushing their way through our pink love
So many polka dots painted by me
Spreads over universe for you
And I, I want to kiss
Pink love, pink love
I want to kiss
Pink love, pink love
In my mind
I state myself
The clock is ticking without you
Some may say illness
So called so called love
The sickness of mind

6 thoughts on “Peace! I Beseech Thee!”

  1. When Jory and I saw Narnia I thought that susan looked like abalia. He said he could see it too.

    Perhaps that solves your quandry?

  2. I thought the same thing, and mentioned it to a few people. There’s someone else I am thinking of though. That girl kinda looked like Abby but I am thinking of someone she looked exactly like. It’s weird. Could be a broken brain.

  3. Perhaps if you consume enough beer it will come to you.

    I am glad that I not the only person that noticed the abby resemblence. At first I thought I wsa just on drugs or something.

    Anyway, beer time.

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