Oh My God

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve caught a bunch of good shows and have had a bunch of fun.
Let’s see, man, it’s been a while since I’ve written.

Okay, there was Cake way back on January 24th with Tricia’s entire clan. Great show. It was Cake, Tegan and Sarah, Gogol Bordello and Eugene Merman. Cake and Tegan and Sarah were awesome. Eugene Merman was funny the first time and Gogol Bordello sucked ass.

Then on the 27th I finally got to check out Lovers in Transit at The Brick and they were awesome. I’ve been waiting to see them since I heard about them at 75th street months and months ago. Then we met Jeremiah at The Jackpot a while back and he told us more about them. So finally we saw them and they rocked. John met us there and we had a blast.

So then on the 2nd Tricia, Scotty, Christine, Adam, JoLynn and I had dinner at Pot Pie for Tricia’s birthday and that was great. Very good food there, at Pot Pie. Afterwards a few of us went over to The Record Bar and then Charles met up with us. Charles’ DJ friend Senor Oz was playing and that was funky cool. Good music and a cool video show.
Eventually everyone but Charles, Tricia and I threw in the towel so we wandered over to Dark Horse for a while and listened to Justin play rap favorites on acoustic guitar. Ha! Funny stuff. Let’s see. We tried to wake up a really drunk passed out guy, Tricia bought a flower from a bum and we ate pizza on the steps of Tizers (The Steps) and froze our asses off. Good times.

Then on the 4th Jono and I caught Stella Link at The Record Bar. They sucked. Sorry. They have changed their style to some lameass pop rock thing and it was just boring. Oh well. They used to rock. They did play one of their old songs to close the show and everyone loved it and went nuts. Take a hint guys.

Then on the 8th Tricia and I went to Ponaks for dinner and then headed to El Torreon for Flee the Seen. I had never been to El Torreon and neither had she. Guess what? It’s a kid’s club! Who knew? We were the oldest people there by about.. oh… 20 years. No bar, no food, lots of kids smoking. There was a band starting up when we got there and they were pretty good, and then Flee the Seen was just okay. I normally love Flee the Seen but they were off, or something. Didn’t have a very good time.
Tricia was about ready to pack it in (at like 9:30!) but I coerced her into checking out The Hurricane. When we walked in, Laura, the bartender said “Two Stellas?” and I knew we were in trouble. She made us leave at about 3:30. We sat at the bar, played Trivial Pursuit, listened to a couple of jam bands and talked up the bartender all night. Turned out to be a cool night.

On the 11th I somehow managed to convince nearly everyone I know to meet me at The Record Bar to see Lovers in Transit. It was Adam, JoLynn, Lake, Katie, Jim, Spring, Jonathan, Elana, Courtney, Steve, Charles and me. Hope I didn’t forget anyone. Anyway, we saw Aubrey (cool band from Lawrence), Blackout Gorgeous (really cool band from somewhere) who had a female singer with an incredible, haunting voice, The Monitor (who sucked ass) and Lovers in Transit who absolutely rocked the house. They were headlining, which I didn’t realize at first. They also had a light show that was really good and CDs for sale. Jeremiah (singer/guitarist) hooked me up with one for being such a great guy.
Man, I love The Record Bar.

Sunday I was bored and wandering around my house. Saw my nice new North Face coat and my nice new ski pants and said “Fuck it, I’m going skiing.” So I did. That was a lot of fun. Lots of fresh snow and I got lots of good practice in in a few hours. I managed to convince myself I could tackle all the black diamond hills (it’s not really fair to call them slopes) and did really well. I really need to go to a real mountain.

And that’s what’s been going on! Coming up this week is Alice at The Brick, Oh My God at The Record Bar and Nine Inch Nails at Kemper. There’s free PBR from 8 till 10 for the Oh My God show. Mmmmm… trouble. Then there’s OK Go and Lewis Black next week. Man, lots of fun to be had!

2 thoughts on “Oh My God”

  1. i’m not sure how i stumbled on to this site, but reading “gogol bordello sucked ass” made me stumble right off of it. i’m just curious about the mental process that would bring someone to thinking that…

  2. Well, it went something like this.
    I saw them at a show.
    They were fucking terrible.
    I posted about it on my site.

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