Oh, It’s Morning Alright

6:02am. Fuck that.

So the last few days I’ve been doing this thing where I feel like I am starving, then I eat not that much food and I feel so full I am going to be sick and then an hour or six later I am starving again. What’s up with that? Tapeworm?

It’s been a good week or two. Been doing lots of riding whenever I can. I’m up to about 425 miles. 175 to go before the engine is broken in and I can go faster 🙂

Saw “Stay Alive” Wednesday. It was good, but not scary. I think the video game thing made it too cheesy to be scary.

Saturday I went out with Adam, JoLynn, Scott and Tricia and had a great time. Tricia and I decided to stop at Foobars for a drink while we gave Adam and Jo time to get ready. I had the biggest beer known to man and basically stumbled out of there. Then we all had dinner and drinks at Jazz on 39th. Their Key Lime Cheesecake was awesome.

While we were trying to figure out what to do next Adam checked The Record Bar on his Treo and we found out that Alacartoona and In The Pines were playing. I’ve wanted to see Alacartoona for a long time so we headed that way. Alacartoona kicked ass. Very weird, and very fun. In The Pines were also great and I bought their t-shirt. Some chick tried to steal JoLynn’s chair and Jo totally shut her down. It was awesome. Many Stellas and Redbull & Vodka’s later (for me) Adam drove us home. We continued to kick it well into the morning at Adam’s; listening to loud music and just hanging out. Good times.

I slept pretty much all day Sunday. Woke up at 1:30pm, grabbed a cheesesteak and took a little ride. Then back to sleep till about 6pm, or maybe 8 then another little ride and some dinner, then more sleeping. Finally woke up around 4am and finished “A Farewell to Arms” by Hemingway. I don’t want to give away the ending for all one of you who haven’t read it but… fuck. That sucked.

Now it’s super early, and I’m bored and don’t feel like starting a new book. And for some reason I really, really, really want a Coke but I don’t feel like going out.
Maybe I’ll go have breakfast at Town Topic?
Mmm.. that sounds pretty good actually. I think I’ll get ready for work and go eat breakfast at Town Topic.

Update: Damn that was good.

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  1. Yea, and most of the morning. I barely got any sleep. Courtney is a FREAK in the… movie theater.

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