Be Quiet and Drive

This town don’t feel mine
I’m fast to get away

I dressed you in her clothes
So drive me far away

It feels good
To know you’re mine
Now drive me far away

Far away
I don’t care where just far

It’s interesting (to me) to see the leaves change color and to feel the air get cold and to see all you girls put on your sweaters and to feel the need inside myself to run.

I hadn’t realized that my front page was down to Key Lime pie and idiocy about beds and sheets. That won’t stand. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything. It’s just that the last few times I’ve sat down to write here it all came out wrong.
For example, here’s an excerpt from one of my posts that I deleted: I’m going to use the words “my”, “dick” and “balls” in the next paragraph, so, you know, skip it if you like.

See what I mean?

Anyway, last weekend was the much anticipated wedding of Adam and JoLynn! The wedding was absolutely great, and very beautiful. The whole thing got kicked off Thursday night with the rehearsal at the chapel at Powell Gardens and it went nice and smooth. The wedding party and family met up for drinks at 75th Street Brewery later on and that was about it. I left pretty early.

Friday I ended up taking the day off cause the wedding stuff was starting to pile up. I had to get my tux, help buy the likker, open up the party suite and just generally help. It was a great day and I got all kinds of great stuff done.
Adam and JoLynn got a party suite at the Doubletree Hotel to keep everyone entertained during the day and then the rehearsal dinner was scheduled for that night. Dinner at the Trofi Restaurant at the hotel was very nice, and Adam’s dad and brother, and JoLynn’s mom gave really excellent toasts.

After dinner we headed back to the party suite and… partied 🙂 Too much, for me, although I am proud of the fact that I can claim to have introduced most of Adam’s family to Jaegermeister. I think it was my idea, at least. I also invented the pig dance and just generally embarrassed the hell out of myself in front of everyone. Ah alcohol, why do you do this to me?

Saturday was the big day and man, it was big. Chances are probably pretty good that if you are reading this then you were there so I won’t go into the whole thing but everything just went wonderfully. We had buses take us from the Doubletree to Powel Gardens, lots of pictures in the Gardens of comfortable guys and frozen girls, a gorgeous (and nice and short!) ceremony and a rocking reception. Francie and I both gave toasts at the reception and that went off pretty well. Francie is a natural and did a hell of a job. I’m not a natural but I think I did pretty well. And I shook like a leaf the entire time. Hate that.

After the reception there was a seriously partying bus ride back to the hotel and… you guessed it! Another party! More Jaeger, hundreds of wings, tons of pizza and a little bit of heartbreak. I hear Patrick broke up with me 🙁

Monday morning I dropped Adam and JoLynn off at the airport for their flight to Hawaii and there it is!

Other fun stuff in the last month was Adam’s bachelor party which was awesome. Stretched Excursion, 30 forced shots of beer, 11(ish) guys, infinite booze and a wide open city made for a hell of a time.

I also got to see Placebo and Social Distortion a few weeks back. She Wants Revenge was playing too, but I didn’t feel like seeing them. It was pretty wacky how that night turned out. Courtney met me at my place and we headed down to the Beaumont Club. We watched Placebo who put on a great show and then we decided to get some food and wander around while She Wants Revenge whined. So we’re sitting on the curb near the Beaumont and Eric and his friend Mike come walking by. We collected them and decided to hit Kelly’s for a while. We’re sitting in Kelly’s and in walks Jeremy who we added to the gang.

We finally head back to the show to see Social Distortion and Courtney and I are pushing through the crowd trying to get closer to the front and middle. I see kind of an open space and I poke Courtney and say “Right there.” We stop in the open space, and I look to my right and Charles is standing there! Weird.

Social D kicked tons of ass but they didn’t play Story of my Life which kinda bummed me out. We wrapped the night up with some Snake and Bake. Mmmm…

Geez, I didn’t write about the Supersystem show? Or the art opening? Man…

Okay, way back in the beginning of October I went to see Kwanza’s art opening at First Friday, and that was excellent. I even bought one of his paintings! It’s the first piece of art I have ever bought and it’s awesome. You can see a terrible camera phone picture of it hanging in my house at this link.

And right after that was Supersystem and Ladytron in Lawrence. Went and saw them both (two seperate shows) with Adam, JoLynn and Tricia. Ladytron kicked lots of ass and they closed with my favorite song (Destroy Everything You Touch) and Supersystem kicked even more ass. That night ended with some Pyramid Pizza, which is one of the best possible ways to end a night.

So, yea. Been busy.

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