Turkey Fryin’

On Friday I fried a turkey for the first time. Kelly had come in Thursday night and we planned to have Thanksgiving dinner on Friday with Ryan and Tricia. I have heard that fried turkey is just the best thing in the world but I wasn’t really all that impressed. It’s faster, which is nice, but it’s dangerous as hell and much more expensive. The oil alone cost me like $30. You can reuse it a few times, but how often are you going to a fry a turkey? The turkey was juicy and tender but I get the same thing when I roast one. Anyway, avoid the turkey fryin. It’s not worth it.

5 thoughts on “Turkey Fryin’”

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  2. I disagree, fried turkey kicks ass! And the key to keeping it safe is to not fry it in the house, and make sure it is as dry as possible. Wipe off all that water and it wont explode when it hit the hot oil. It also help to inject it with a giant syringe of marinade.

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