A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I mean, a lot!

It all started Wednesday when Abby, Patty and Brian rolled into town. They were on their way from Vegas to New York via almost every damn state and decided to give KC a one night stop. I’m glad they did!
We were going to go to Old Chicago and get the back room, as we are won’t to do but they snubbed us and said it was busy. Some rat bastard kid’s birthday party or something. Since I was in charge of getting the room I quickly turned on the lazy and decided we would have a quiet evening at my house with some pizza and good conversation. Pizza, we had. Conversation we also had. I wasn’t expecting the Goldschlager.

See, what happened is this. In Vegas the night before we opened the party suite Adam, JoLynn, Patty and I ran down to the scary liquor store to get some booze for the party. I picked up a bottle of Goldschlager because… it’s good. Well, the party in the suite started way before I got there and by time I did my bottle was gone. I didn’t really care. I’m telling you.
So Patty (and Abby, I think) felt bad for drinking all my booze and obtained an even bigger bottle the next day. They showed it to me and I said “Thanks, that’s awesome” and went upstairs. Of course, by time I came back it was gone.
So, anyway, when Abby and Patty showed up Wednesday night at my house they brought The Biggest Bottle of Goldschlager In The World and, overcome with joy at their generosity, I immediatly poured shots for everyone.
In addition to that they had little shots in test tubes that tasted terrible (but got drank anyway) and one metric shit ton of beer.
Long story even longer: We tore it up house party stylee. Good times. At one point I picked up Patty and carried her off into my bedroom where I set her back down. That’s it, I swear. Later on I tried to pick up Patty and Abby at the same time and I think I tore a tendon in my neck or something. Hurt like a motherfucker. That’s not commentary on those two beautiful ladies’ weight. Seriously, what kind of asshole do you think I am? I’m just saying that I can’t carry around two women at once. Probably best for all involved.

So Abby, Patty and Brian came and went and it was time to start preparing for Courtney’s 21st birthday party! I’d been planning a little thing where we all do this and that and Courtney ends up intoxicated and success was had!

The plan was dinner at P.F. Changs and then the Gangster Bus would pick us up and we’d hit the bars. And that’s exactly what happened. We had about 14 people when we started and about 20 when we ended. For the record it was Courtney, Keaton, Adam, JoLynn, Scott, Edward, Andy, Ryan, Megan, Dana, Amy, Andrea, Charles and myself. Later on we picked up Tricia, her sister Nicole, JoEllen, Laura? and someone who’s name I don’t remember. Sorry! We hit Harry’s Country Club to start the party and it kicked ass. Poured a few Jaeger Bombs and Red Headed Sluts into Courtney and we were off to John’s Upper Deck. They told us it would be really tight for all of us so we headed down to The Beaumont. Totally lame. Cowboys and lamers abound, but we still managed some beers and shots. Then The Levee. Found some more Jaeger there, lots of people and loud music. For last call we hit that old fav. Buzzard Beach where we wrapped things up.

That was Friday night. Saturday night it was time to party at my place. Unfortunatly I can’t tell you much about it cause I was exhausted and went to bed. I slept in my room while everyone got ripped AGAIN and had a good time. I missed most of it, but all the evidence can be found over at Courtneyporn.

Sunday Andy and Ryan were sent back off to their lives and I started catching up on sleep. I’m still working on that part, but man was it worth it.

I don’t wanna get mushy here or anything, but I have met some of the greatest people in the world from this crowd. I never fail to have an incredible time and it just keeps getting better. Fazed is a really simple site on the outside, but there is a community hiding in there that once you become part of you are hooked. It takes a thick skin and a good sense of humor to make it through the trials, but if you do you get a chance to make real friends who last. I look forward to each gathering a little more every time, reinforced by great memories of the previous.

See you all in the summer!

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