Out Of The Pan…

I’ve mostly stopped shaking now, so I can tell you about last weekend if you’d like to hear it. If not, like, go away?

So Friday night Adam came over earlyish and we did a little Baldur’s Gating. There was beer involved. We were waiting for JoLynn to call, who was out with Francie and we were going to meet them out.

Harry’s was the ticket for the evening. There was some talk of hitting the Crystal Method show at Kabal, but I found out late in the day that they were not doing a live set, just playing a set they had done a few weeks before in Lawrence or something. This is up for question. I have no idea. Anyway, no one wanted to pay $25 to go to Kabal really, so Harry’s it was.

For some reason I was a beer fiend that night. I was drinking them like water and running the waitress around all crazy like. My good friend Tony and his wife Jill came by for a few drinks and everything was great.
Then I ordered the Sexys.

I always order Sexy Alligators when I am drunk. That’s kind of my nightcap drink. It’s a “shot” served in a full martini glass made of about 2 shots each of Jaeger, Midori and Razzmatazz. Normall we’ll have one or two of those and all is well. Well, the bartender didn’t know how to make them and I guess he heard “martini glass” and made martinis. The first one was completely down the hatch before I realized something was wrong. “That tasted an awful lot like gin”, I said to myself. JoLynn didn’t like hers so I ended up drinking that one as well. And then I went out to the alley to throw up.

I managed to keep it down, the cool air always does me good, and I went in and drank some more. One of my best decisions ever, to date. Pretty soon I was sliding out of my chair and Adam was tired so we hit the road while JoLynn and Francie decided to stay out for a while.

As soon as we got in the car I knew I was in trouble, but I tried to hold it in. I made it about 5 minutes before I was telling Adam to pull over. I’ll spare you the details. Back on the road and another 5 minutes later I was telling Adam to pull over again, but we were trapped between two concrete barriers. No where to go. I got it all out the window, at least. That felt pretty good, but I wasn’t done yet. 5 minutes more and there was plenty of room to pull to the side and more details were spared. I also managed to toss one of my shirts off into the bushes where it’s probably now part of some animal’s home.

That was Friday. I was fine before the shots, I swear.

Saturday I woke up feeling not too bad, surprisingly. I wandered around town, did some errands and basically just took it easy around the house. Around 5ish I was out in the garage working on the waverunner and Tricia pulled up. She was bored and wanted something to do, and I was bored, so we decided to hit the town. No good movies to see so it was dinner and The Pitch, hoping to find something interesting to do on Saturday night.

After hemming and hawing for like a half hour we ended up deciding to check out Tasso’s, which she had been to before but I had not. It’s a very cool Greek restaurant where they get into the whole “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” thing, but were probably doing it first. They break plates on the floor, have a belly dancer, shout “Oh-PAH!” and all the works. We got there around 6:30 and it was dead so we decided to hit 75th Street Brewery first and let the place warm up before going back. Drinks and my favorite food in the world (soft pretzels) at 75th and back to Tassos. Dinner was great, and the entertainment was great. Tricia took a belly dancing lesson with about 500 bridesmaids and I got to meet Tasso who scolded me for it being my first time there when he’s been in business for 30 years. Fun place!

We checked The Pitch for our next stop and I noticed that a band I’ve been wanting to see forever was playing at The Hurricane. We met up with Scott and Christine and soon One Degree Difference was rocking our socks off. They completely kicked ass and I’d love to see them again. I even tried to start a little mosh pit but Hurricane security shut me and three other guys down very quick.

By that time we four were in party mode and The Hurricane was dying down. Scott suggested Westport Beach Club where there was Salsa dancing all night. So we went over there and I embarassed myself for a few hours. I really can’t dance, but I try. I try. I hear tell Kabal has free Salsa lessons now and then, so maybe I can convince some of The Gang to do that one night. I can hear all the girls I’ve ever known gasping in horror at the thought of me taking dance lessons.

We wrapped the whole thing up at Nichol’s after driving around in circles for a while. Our destination was Chubby’s but we got Nichol’s. I did manage to keep my pancakes down. That ruled.

Then Sunday Tricia and I were supposed to go see The Prids at The Brick. We’ve had this planned for a week or so. I was completely dead on Sunday. I could barely move and was so tired I just wanted to keep falling asleep. Went and played poker at Ryan’s for a very short time. I quickly lost all my money when I went all in thinking the guy I was playing was bluffing. He wasn’t. Tricia and I went downtown and saw The Prids who kicked ass as always. I couldn’t really keep my eyes open so I slammed a few Red Bulls. They didn’t help keep me awake during the show, but they did keep me awake all of the rest of the night. Monday hurt. It hurt real bad.

So that’s that. Long, long ass weekend but tons and tons of fun. Hopefully this weekend will be a little less fun, cause I don’t think I can take that much fun two weekends in a row and still keep my job.

Man, maybe I should have just written a book. That’s a heck of a blog post.

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