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Hi, I’m Jason! This site represents the latest version of my personal home page. I am a computer programmer, a maker of things and curious about the world.

If you’d like to get in touch, I’m jason@vonnieda.org.

12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. My name is Kaleigh von Nieda and I was fooling around on the computer and stumbled onto your web page. I see that we share a common last name.

  2. My name before I was married was Von Nieda. This is not a common name, I guess we must be related. My Dad’s family was from Hershey PA. I am in the Portland OR metro area.

  3. I have family that lives in Coudersport PA.. Its not far at all from hershey!

    that is awsome!

  4. Hi Jason….

    I was reading Snow Crash and for some reason I thought of you. So I thought I’d look you up. Seattle huh? You like it there? Just a simple hello from KC.

    I think I’ll browse your site and get up-yo-date on you.


  5. It’s a well known name in central pa. It’s spelled differently Von Veenda, but it is the same family. My grandmother was Von Needa and that part of the family settle in pa in the late 1700. We have the entire history up to world war II, when the family lost touch.

  6. “am working on a new version of vPod that supports all new iPods and firmwares but my time is limited and I cannot say when it will be released. ”

    Hello Jason – has there been any futher development on this one?


  7. Hi, my family is also from pa. I think we are related and its cool to find more of the family. Send an email if you would like.

  8. I’m not related in the least…except through a love of brewing and engineering. Nice work here. I was working on a 1BBL system but abandoned the project when I went to Davis for 6 months of beer school in January and came back pro and ready to build a 15BBL system.

    Drop me a line, I’d like to chat. I’ll trade brewing info for stainless work info! I still need to build a better pilot system.

  9. “I am a computer programmer, systems administrator, network engineer and all around good guy.”

    me too

  10. Hi Jason, i found your page through OSCSYS. I like your brewery. I have a question about your valve wiring, do you have each valve wire going direct to the panel or into a breakout box?

    Whats your process on cleaning? do you disassemble your brewery or just clean in place? I’m getting a bit sick of having to pull mine to bits. 🙂

    Do you think you will be making any more PID displays or gadgets now the OSCSYS store is closing down?

  11. Going through old pictures and found your high school graduation. My offspring insisted I keep it along with you trying to teach her to roller blade. See, your past will never die.

  12. Hi
    My name is Ata Ghader and I’m 27 years old and I live in Iran.
    I am an Electronic Designer. found you in Open PNP project.
    best regards

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