140 Characters Found Too Confining

Today was ultra-awesome productive! I got up, fixed the lawn mower, mowed the lawn, cleaned up a lot of the mess in the backyard that Flux has made, went for a long motorcycle ride (Woodinville, Duvall, Monroe), almost pooped when a train blew it’s horn like 5 God damn feet from me, charged Courtney’s car battery and got that running, tested my generator to prep for sale, cleaned up the garage, scoped out the iron pipe offerings at Lowes (for future “shop air” project), put the hinges and clasp on the box for the eBay clock (coming soon!), got nicely buzzed and stuffed at Rock Bottom and am looking forward to a very nice night of blissful sleep.

Also, Courtney took an Introduction to Electronics class at Metrix which sounds like it was very informative!

And I spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out if I can really stick a 3 ton milling machine in my garage. Survey says? Yes we can!

Die Spammer, Die

Been getting a lot of spam recently on this site. Lots of stuff where someone will post a comment that almost sounds like a real comment but it’s just bullshit and their URL points to a poker site, or a porn site, or a SEO site, or in the case of one of my posts titled “Tranny”, a site you don’t want to know about.

For that reason, I’ve removed the ability to include your “website” URL when you post a comment. I’ve also caused any post that contains one or more URLs to be moderated by myself. Hopefully that will stem the tide. You can of course leave a URL in the comment if you want to, it just means I’ll look at it in person before approving it.

A New Beginning

In a rapidly assembled, last minute (although intended for quite some time) wedding, Courtney and I got married on Saturday, March 13th! We were married by retired judge Hayek at her office in Kirkland and it was very low key. Adam, JoLynn, Scott and his new woman Anissa were in town for Courtney’s birthday party (also the 13th) so we asked them to come along. It was a 5 minute ceremony and then we headed to the Irish pub around the corner 🙂

So, that ends one era of my life and begins another. I’m very much looking forward to what it brings!