This Crazy Life

I don’t know how it happens. One moment I am mild mannered Jason and then you pour some Frambozen into me and I’m prancing around Westport dressed up like a giant banana.
Note the date.

I’m proud to say it was my idea to wear the costumes out. You see, this weekend was the big OU vs. Colorado game in Kansas City. I can’t tell you anything more about it, cause I don’t know. I don’t even know what sport they were playing but my good friend Adam is a big, big OU fan and he probably could.
Anyway, the night before the big game it’s tradition to go down to Kelly’s in Westport and be drunken fans. EVERYONE does this. It’s completely insane.

We started at JoLynn’s place for a little pre-party-party in an effort to save some money and probably in an effort to survive the night. There was Frambozen. There were badly made Sexy Alligators. There were tequilla shots. At some point I said “Man, I have my banana costume (from Hallloween) in my truck. I should totally wear it out tonight”, and a light shown down from heaven and the stars aligned and Scott and Adam both had their costumes there too.

We called a cab and jammed Coleen, JoLynn, Francie, Banana, Twinkie and Beer into it and off we went. What followed could only be described as pure insanity.

We rolled up to Kelly’s like rockstars and poured out of the cab. People promptly started to go crazy and we dived into the party.
So much of the rest of the night is a blur. People buying us drinks, taking pictures, asking us just what the hell we were doing. I remember trying to come up with a standard story and explaining it dozens of times to the entralled. You could hear shouts of “Banana Man!” from across the bar. At one point someone grabbed my hand and said “Come with me. My friends don’t believe you are here.” and so I went. They all posed with me and took pictures.
We ran into Andrea and Charles eventually, and we met up with Lisa at some point. I can still see Andrea’s grin when she saw us 🙂

Santa was there too. No idea who he was. Saw him the next day playing guitar on the corner for change.

Let me tell you, we had an incredible time. Definitly one for the records. I couldn’t believe how amused people were. We’re talking about some simple foam costumes here, but I guess a little bit of different goes a long way.

Lonnnng way.

Ye Olde Watche

I bought an analog watch (with hands, you know?) last month and its’s the first one I ever owned. I noticed today that you have to reset the date to “1” after the end of a month with less than 31 days.

Who knew?!