Stupid Technology

Those out of connection error messages should be gone now, I think.
Man, the code for this site is so old and busted it’s just absurd.
I gotta rewrite this thing… ON RAILS!


Did I tell you I’m going to Europe for two weeks?

My job is sending me to Holland for a few days work and I’ve decided to take an additional 1.5 weeks or so of vacation and do some exploring. No real plans so far. I’m just gonna explore and hope to find a place to sleep each night. I’m starting in Amsterdam for the weekend, then Breda for three days work, then I’m on my own for a week and a half. My only responsibility is to get to London before the 17th so I can come home.

I leave Friday! Eeep!

Somehow I have to find a way to put everything I need for two weeks into a backpack.


This morning the church down the street from my house had the following as it’s little sign out front:


I’m not exactly sure what I am supposed to take from that. Should I do what demons do? Believe what demons believe? I didn’t even know we had demons, but I admit it’s been a while since I read The Bible.

I would guess though that demons also believe people should kill each other, and take Christ’s name in vain, rape, pillage, destroy, commit adultry and all that other stuff.

Should I believe that too?

If demons jumped off a bridge would I jump too?

The Hotness

So, I bought a new laptop finally last week. I got a MacBook 2.0 GHz White the day they were released. It is… incredible. It’s so fast and it does everything and it runs Windows when I need it. It’s the best computer I have ever owned period.

That’s all really. I’m just braggin’ 🙂

Thursday Strikes Again!

Man, I did the Waldo pub crawl last night with Scott and some of his co-workers. Ugh. That hurt. Thursday nights. It’s always Thursday nights!

Oh, and if any of you read that other post before I deleted it; I wasn’t gonna kill myself or anything. Sheesh. That song was just stuck in my head. It’s The Shins – Gone For Good, if you were curious.


Free buffet at Mickey’s on Tuesday night if you show up on a sports bike. Oh, very funny. I wonder if they give you your plate before or after the entire parking lot full of Harley guys beats your ass?

Found: Honda Car Key

Found: One Honda Car Key. Badly damaged. Found on the main road through Haskell College campus sticking out of my God damn rear motorcycle tire causing me to have to get my bike towed home from Lawrence. Please contact if this is your key so I can jab it into one of your tires.