I Just Won’t Be Defeated

What a weekend. I would love to tell you all about it but I don’t remember any of it.

Oh, wait, I remember a few things.

Friday night I did basically nothing. My house was a complete wreck and I needed to get it in shape for the party Saturday. I shopped, picked up the keg, made punch, cleaned, did laundry and all that lame stuff. Around 10:30 I settled in to watch a movie and go to sleep. Saw the first 30 minutes or so of Mirrormask, which was pretty cool, and then got totally drunk dialed. So, I went and hung out with Carmen for a bit, came back home and hit the sack. Boring Friday night.

Saturday I had breakfast with Carmen at some little place on 39th that was really great. Had the sweetest French toast ever made and then we headed down to Pleasant Hill to have her cat inspected. We also got married on the way, but that’s one of the things I don’t remember very well. I’m sure it was a beautiful ceremony. The vet’s assistant (who had the coolest, and cutest accent in the world) was speaking to Carmen about the cat and referred to me as “your husband” which was pretty funny. I didn’t bother to correct her cause it would have just embarrassed everyone.

So then I got back to town, rode my bike down to Letko to talk motorcycle tuning with Mario. He said he’d have no problem making my bike roar once I get my new exhaust so that’s awesome. I am buying a custom exhaust from a fabricator in West Virginia. He normally likes to have the bike and he’ll set it all up for you but I don’t want to ship my bike to West Virginia and back, so I wanted to make sure I could get it tuned correctly here. Sounds like yes!

I just generally lazed around for the rest of the day until it was time to party! Oh man, party we did. And eat! We had some great food, and lots of it. Carmen made fresh guac and salsa, I made fresh whipped cream, we had fresh peaches from our trip to Pleasant Hill and JoLynn brought 8! pounds of fresh strawberries. We tore into all that and started the fun stuff. I had made about 3 gallons of punch and had a 5 gallon keg of Boulevard Pale on tap. Not much of the beer got drank but the punch just completely disappeared. That stuff is muy dangerous.
There were shots of Jaeger, and shots of Absinthe (I think it’s finally gone Claudia) and shots of probably about everything else. But mostly there was punch.

Fairly standard house party and tons of fun. Twister, loud music, sleeping on the lawn, late night Rotel. I hear people were spooning whipped cream out of the bowl and directly into their gaping maws later in the evening but I didn’t last that long. A very successful house party.

Sunday I was ultra-lazy and just tried to heal up. Finished watching Mirrormask, finished watching Code 46 and watched The Truman Show, which was cool. I was trying to get myself into decent shape to go see The (motherfuckin’) Go! Team! We had tickets for Adam, Jo, Carmen and I to see em at The Granada at 9. We had dinner at Mad Greek beforehand, which was delicious as always. The waitress was really funky. She had kind of a squeeky voice and couldn’t control it’s volume very well. She would just like shout a word in the middle of the sentence or something. Very strange. I think she also had a huge mural on her chest that you could see the top of in the V of her shirt but I thought she (and my friends) might be offended if I asked her to show it to me.

The Go! Team was absolutely awesome. I’d say it was the second best show I’ve seen in a long time. Muse still holding first place. They were super high energy, lots of fun and very talented. The lead singer rapped, and danced, and cheered and sang and just generally had a blast and then the female drummer (which you don’t see very often) came out and sang her quiet solo song that was beautiful. It was really cute. She seemed very shy and as soon as she finished her song she spun around and smashed her cymbals. Awesome.

They were much more of a rock band than I expected. Most times there were two guitarists, a bass player, drummer and singer/rapper. Sometimes they swapped stuff up and played harmonica, a second drum kit, keyboard, mellowphone, recorder and tambourine. I highly recommend catching The Go! Team if you can.

And that was about that! Really fun weekend!

And so I have a place to look it up next time, here’s the punch I made:

Sleeping On The Lawn Party Punch
1.75 litre Most Wanted vodka
1 gallon cranberry cocktail juice
1/2 gallon cran-raspberry cocktail juice
1/4 gallon orange-pineapple juice
1/4 gallon 7-Up
A few fistfulls of ice


I can see the threads of my reality in the dreams I have every night. I’m sure you all can too. I’m not suggesting I am some super being or anything, I’m just setting the fucking stage, okay?

Last night I had this really awesome drama/adventure dream that I woke up totally stoked from. I believe that is the first time I have ever said “totally stoked” in my life.

For some reason I was riding my bike (motorcycle, to be clear) out in the middle of nowhere and it was getting dark. I ended up on this little back road and I had to stop. I don’t remember why. I pulled up to a tiny house, more of a cabin, or a shack to be honest and knocked, hoping they would put me up for the night. The old man answered and was very hospitable, saying I was perfectly welcome to stay the night but that he was to have company over later and I had to stay away from the living room. I couldn’t be seen there. I wasn’t one to question his hospitality so I went to the room I was shown and settled in for the night.

Later on I hear the company show up and they begin talking. It’s all very serious religion stuff. Not your normal religion, more of your crazy religious person stuff. So I lay back to ignore it. A few hours later my door opens and a girl comes in. She is, of course, beautiful and she sits down beside me and starts to talk.

She starts telling me about her parents (she’s the daughter of the house) and how they are these religious nutcases who picket funerals and burn crosses and all this crazy shit and I eventually realize she is saying that they are the family depicted in some movie that I’d seen. In the dream the movie is something that everyone would know about. It was called “The Devils Children” or something like that. So I’m like “Oh my God, you are the family from ‘The Devils Children'” and she nods yes.

If you are familiar with our local nutjobs, The Phelps’ you know who was being portrayed in this dream.

At this point I realize that if I get caught with this girl in my room I am dead so I try to get rid of her. She tells me I have to help her and that I have to come to her room with her. Don’t worry, this isn’t about to turn into a shitty porn story. It’s gonna be a good porn story. No, kidding. Okay, so we sneak to her room and she tells me I have to get her out of there. She doesn’t believe in what her parents are doing and she wants to get away but, of course, won’t let her.

So I say, okay, we are gonna bust out of here. I take her hand and we’re about to run out the door movie star style but she stops me. She pushes me into the little attached bathroom and hands me a razor. She points to my face and says “Shave.” I look at her like she’s crazy and tell her I don’t need to shave, that we need to get the fuck out of here but she insists. So I quickly shave my face and as I’m doing that she explains.

Her parents believe that people with facial hair are Satanic and they only let me in, and to stay, because they were going to kill me later. If I shave they won’t recognize me and we can just waltz out the front door and say we’re going for a ride.

So I shave and we walk out through the living room completely unmolested. She says “We’re going for a ride, be back soon” and her parents wave us off. We hop on my bike and tear ass out of there. As were burning down the dirt road leading to the little shack I look in my rear views and see that the family, and their company, has figured out the trick and they are chasing us down the road, but they are on foot. I twist the throttle, the bike surges and the freaks are left in the dust. We hit the road and drive off into the rising sun, presumably to have awesome adventures and most likely a very fulfilling sex life.

Man, that was a killer dream.

Now, you may think it would be clever of you to post your amatuer analyzations of the dream saying how I’m looking for escape from this and need affirmation of that in my life. I’ve already done all that, and it’s all true, so don’t be droll.


I’m still here! I’m just busier than a very busy thing!

It’s been a fun few weeks, and weekends. Lots of going out and having fun and generally doing the same kind of thing I’ve been doing, except even more so!

I finally got to do some serious riding Sunday with Carmen and that was a blast. She has a Yamaha whose model I cannot remember at the moment but it’s a really nice sport cruiser and it’s way faster than my bike. Mine is way more uncomfortable though, so I’ve got that going for me. We headed way south on Holmes, and eventually west through Archie and into Creighton and other random destinations. Really nice several hour ride, capped off with some serious fried chicken at RCs in Martin City. Nice.

Also of note has been the O.A.R. and Jack’s Mannequin show last weekend, which was fun, but not totally my style of music. We missed most of Jack’s Mannequin and from the sounds of it that was okay. O.A.R. was good, and played well, but they were just a little too mellow for me. Hit Charles’ party after that and had some great bbq and chilling and drinking.

Waverunning, Nikko, Empire and Grand Emporium, Harry’s for Christine’s birthday, more Empire, running out of gas…

I can’t believe I ran out of gas.

And I’ve been going to the dentist every few days to have more teeth pulled out. I think I am done now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they suggested that I need to get the rest pulled out just to be safe. If they do I am replacing them with titanium ones. That would be awesome.


I was just behind a girl driving a car who’s license plate said “GEEKGRL” and who had the following bumperstickers:
Motorcycles are everywhere. Look twice, save a life.
Federation of Horsepower
Kansas City Marching Cobras

I didn’t even know they made girls like that.

I tried to indicate via head motions (as I was on my bike) that I wanted to marry her but I don’t think she got it.

Air Guitar

It’s so embarassing when I involuntarily bust out the air guitar in my cube while I am working. Sometimes I just can’t help it. I’m sitting there looking at a problem and the band hits a particularly awesome riff and I just stand up, legs spread and rock out for a few minutes.

The rock. It’s in my bones.

The Rundown

Let’s see…

Worlds of Fun, The Princess Bride at Screenland, Illegal late night swimming at Scotty’s, Boating and waverunning at Smithville, D’Bronx, The BT Show, The Grand Emporium, Lunch in Weston along with high speed shenanigans, Capote (excellent!), Stirfry at Lake’s (also excellent) and Pirates of the Carribean 2 (awful!).

Not bad, not bad.

Long Long Weekend

If anyone sees my liver please tell it I miss it and I’m very sorry and please come back. We were meant for each other.

Friday night I met up with Adam and Jo and headed to 75th Street Brewery for a little boozin and that was a lot of fun. Quiet night, but lots of good talk and beer and pretzels.

Saturday Adam gave me a hand putting on the last piece of my new bumper, so now my car is complete again. It’s nice to have it back. I missed it. After that I ran down to the homebrew store and got ingredients to make some beer! It’s been a long while but Adam and Jo got me a gift certificate for the homebrew store for my birthday so I figured it was about time. I bought the stuff to try to clone Skinny Dip from New Belgium which is my new favorite beer. After that I went and bought a few new games and Adam and I did some killin’ for the rest of the evening.
JoLynn and Sarah stopped by later on to get keys and to show off Sarah who is ultra-pregnant. She looks great, and that baby looks like it’s ready to come out.

Sunday I had to do chores cause my planned Monday brewing session had ballooned into grilling and a house party. So I mowed the front and back lawns, cleaned up a ton of trash, pruned down some of the flora and just generally cleaned up the house. A few hours later Adam and Jo were feeling bored so we decided to go rent a boat and spend a few hours at the lake.

We went up to Smithville cause I’ve rented there before and it was nice. Loaded up the waverunner and we headed out. By time we got there, and found the right marina it was already 4pm and we could only keep the boat till 6. We got it anyway and started to head out to the lake. Adam was driving the boat and I was on my waverunner.

We had been talking earlier about how funny it would be if we saw Chris and Nicole and a few minutes outside of the no wake zone I saw JoLynn pointing and waving at another pontoon boat. I went over to investigate and it was Chris and Nicole! They were out with a ton of their friends and I rudely begged them to let us join them once we returned our boat. It worked out really well. We got to hang on a much nicer boat for the rest of the evening, and had a great time hanging with everyone, and they got to go for awesome rides with me on my waverunner. Chris was the only one sober enough to ride it himself, which he did, and I think he fell in love.

When we eventually bailed out of there we picked up some pizza, headed back to my place and called it a night. Or so I thought! Adam and Jo left and after I cleaned up some I went to bed. I felt super tired but I couldn’t fall asleep. Lake called me around 10:30pm and asked me to come up to Sidepockets so I got dressed and went up there and met him and his friends. They were all completely trashed so I did my best to catch up.

I did pretty good 🙂

Monday I woke up feeling like hell, but I had a busy day ahead of me so I spent an hour or two bringing myself to life and then I hit the road. If I was going to be grilling I needed a grill. I bought a pretty nice, but cheap, propane grill and brought that home just in time for Adam and Jo to arrive for brewing.

Brewing went pretty well, and while I did that Adam built the new grill and Jo cleaned the house. I have great friends 🙂 JoLynn also did a bunch of shopping for the party and she found some Kaffir Lime Leaves, which I really wanted to add to the beer. They took off to get cleaned up while I finished the beer and then people started showing up to party!

The house party was thrown together kind of at the last minute and I was afraid it would be a flop but once everyone got plenty of food in their bellies and started the drinking it turned into the house party of the century. Seemed like it at least. I didn’t crawl into bed until like 6:00am and there were still a few people partying at that point. Lots of fun!

I woke up around 3pm on Tuesday with Tony calling me to come drink some sangria. I wasn’t much feeling the sangria but I did want some food, so I went to his place for a cookout for a few hours. I even got a few sips of sangria in… and it hurt. Spent the rest of the day just chilling, cleaning the house, doing laundry and healing up from the previous three days. Around 10pm I hopped on my bike and rode out to Parkville to catch the last 15 minutes or so of their fireworks show which was really cool. Lots of other fireworks on the way too.

So, my weekend was a blast. I didn’t have any plans at all on Friday afternoon and ended up busy every day of the long weekend. Very cool. Everything was just super great until 2:30am Wednesday morning…

That was when I woke up feeling like the side of my face was gonna fall off. I have had a few problems with my wisdom teeth in the past and I guess the bottom right side one decided it was time to stop fucking around. So my life was pure misery until about 2:30 this afternoon. I got in with a dentist (first time in 7 years or so) and they went to work. Unfortunately the gum around the bad tooth is infected, so I got antibiotics for that but she offered to pull one of the other teeth while I was there and it sounded like such a good time that I went ahead.

It wasn’t really that bad at all. I got rid of the top right one and I go back next Thursday to get rid of the bottom right and bottom left. I guess the pain probably hasn’t really set in yet, but I’m not worried about it. I have a bottle of Vicodin and a bottle of Gatorade and all the time in the world 🙂