Phat Tuesday

I took off early from work to work on my truck. Fixed the parking brake. Felt good to hurt my hands and get dirty. It took me 4 hours to fix my parking brake and it was more fulfilling than the last 12 months of programming I’ve done.

Then Lake picked me up and we hit Harpo’s, Kelly’s and Grinders. Charles and I hit some punk club down the street and now I’m doing other shit. The band had already finished.

This post was longer when I wrote it last night but I’ve edited it down. You didn’t wanna know all that stuff anyway.

Mine! Mine! Mine!

And it’s mine! All mine! With broken parking brake and *everything*.

I picked up my truck tonight and it’s totally super great. I’ve found a few little things wrong after about a 2 hour inspection but they are little things and it’s all totally great. The only big thing so far is that the parking brake is dead. The guy that sold it to me told me his wife drove around with the parking brake on for a while last week. Woops. He didn’t mention that it completely trashed it. Oh well. Now I get to learn how to fix the parking brake on a 1996 Ford Explorer. I’m not expecting too much of an ordeal.

The other little things are:
Power antenna is broken. Doesn’t go up and down but you can hear the little motor trying. The wire that goes up into the tube is probably just dead. Let’s call it $50 if I even bother to fix it. I already hooked up an iPod 🙂

Right rear door handle doesn’t work from the inside. It looks like it was pulled too hard and might have pulled free from the latch. I’m betting I can fix that for free by taking it apart. So let’s call that $0.

And the parking brake. No idea what that’s gonna entail but I’m still not gonna call it more than $50. Even if it’s a few hundred I’ll be thrilled.

So, what I DID get is a 1996 Ford Explorer that appears to be in basically pristine condition. It’s the Eddie Bauer Edition so it’s all leather and all power everything. All wheel drive, luggage rack, 6 disc changer, power moon roof. All the fixins. It runs great as far as I can tell but I’m certainly no expert on these things. The center console seemed to vibrate a little at 80 MPH on the highway, which could mean the tires are out of balance or it could mean you aren’t supposed to drive a 1996 Ford Explorer at 80 on the highway.

Paid $3900 for it and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to go to the lake!


You should be posting your funny office whiteboard stuff to whiteboardwisdom.

If you’ve never used Flickr, it’s great. You should. They’ll host your photos for free. The innovative thing about Flickr is that if you add a tag (just a name) to a photo and anyone else uses that same tag than a special gallery is available at containing all the photos from everyone. Like whiteboardwisdom.

Now go post!


I’ve been doing the dieting thing again. It’s going pretty well. This morning I was 203.4 so my neverending goal of 199 is well within sight again. I’ve got a dinner to go to tonight but it’s Greek so I might be able to eat sorta healthy. Party on Saturday and if I can manage to take it easy hopefully I won’t lose all the progress I’ve made this week. Waverunner season is fast approaching and I wanna look good! I’ve worked really fucking hard for the past year and a half to turn my body into something a little less hideous and now it’s time to enjoy it.

Speaking of waverunner season, I’ve finally saved enough money to buy a truck! I’m gonna shop around this weekend and see what I can find. I can’t wait. Ever since I bought the RX-8 (which I love) I’ve been unable to move my waverunner, take my dog to the park, buy lumber and all that kind of stuff that a real macho kind of guy like me does every single day. (What?)

Being able to move my waverunner is important, even now. I think that I cracked the hull two years ago (the last time I used it!) and I need to get it cleaned up and do a water test on it to be sure. Hopefully not, cause I’d really like to take it out this year but I imagine a cracked hull is not a cheap thing to fix.

In other news, vPod 2.0 is coming along nicely. I have really good iPod detection code in place which should help me avoid the fiasco that is finding your iPod’s drive letter. That seems to cause a lot of problems for less computer savvy users. Now vPod searches all your drives for iPods and it detects when an iPod is inserted or removed.

What else? I smacked up my car again. I posted about it as soon as it happened but I was so angry that the post was full of bile and bitterness so I deleted it. I’m much more calm now. Basically, there was a teeny amount of snow on the ground when I left a club last Saturday. I made it all the way to my road and then very slowwwwwwly slid into a curb. Nothing I could do about it. Slowest accident ever. That didn’t stop the curb from doing about $1000 in damage though. The car is still completely road worthy and while it looks bad it’s not THAT bad. I’ll fix it myself when I have some extra cash. Right now I need a truck.

I also bought a Valentine 1 radar “locator”. I’ve wanted one forever but they are so expensive I put it off. Well, two speeding tickets later I decided it was time. It’s absolutely incredible. I see cops before they get out of bed in the morning. Before they even start thinking about setting up a speed trap. I know more about their radar than they do. I’ll never let it go.

My side work is going pretty well. Making some extra cash and working on interesting things. Keeps the drudgery of my day job at bay though I can’t say I love working all day and then working all night. Still though, truck.

And finally, check out the awesome tissue box diorama I made while waiting to do an interview yesterday. If you can’t tell it’s a guy and a dog throwing a ball and having a good ol’ time. I like to think they are at the dog park because the slacker guy finally got a truck and took his dog out.

iPods Galore

I’m working on the new version of vPod; vPod 2.0 and it’s gonna be hot, hot, hot! It supports photos, videos, album art and my patent pending iPod Sex Technology. Since the only iPod I had was an old 3rd Gen 15GB I wasn’t able to test any of the new features so I went and raided the Apple Store this afternoon.

vPod 2.0 is going to be a commercial product. It’s gonna sell for $10 or so and I am pretty sure I can sell quite a few copies, so it’s a decent investment.

I bought a 512 MB Shuffle, a black 1GB Nano and a black 30 GB iPod with Video. The guy that sold them all to me was a little shocked and I think he secretly thought I was just gonna break and run with them.

One thing that’s pretty interesting is that the Apple Store doesn’t require a signature for credit card purchases. I was a little surprised by that. I knew that Visa was working with companies for small purchases, usually under $25, but I didn’t know they had opened it up that much. It makes me wonder how hard it would be to say I never made the purchase. “Yea, I lost my wallet in the park and then someone returned it to me a month later.”
They did check my ID, but if I had lost my wallet the perp would have had that too.

I am all for convenience, but I just don’t know… it breaks the ol standard “show something, know something” rule of security.


Nine Inch Nails kicked ass. Great show. Great lights. Great sound.
Town Topic too. Mmm.

Oh, update:
During one of my favorite songs ever, “Right Where it Belongs”, they projected a movie… thing on a scrim in front of the band. It was basically a video collage with the major themes rotating through happy, oblivious white people, money and war. The song builds to a pretty awesome climax and towards the end they showed George W. Bush dancing with Laura in slow mo. I believe it was during the line “What if all the world around you is an elaborate dream?”
Then it goes to a full screen shot of a nuke going off, which in the dark arena was blinding, and that was it.

Man, it kicked ass.

Liquid I.Q.

I do all my best thinking in the shower. It’s weird. If I go to bed thinking of a problem chances are I’ll come up with a solution when I’m scrubbing down the next morning. I’d like to think my brain is just ultra-efficient and thinks about the problem all night while I am sleeping and then waits a few minutes after I get up to let me settle and then it comes to me when I get in the shower but no. My brain is too busy making up horrors for me to panic at during the night.

It’s the shower man.

Oh My God

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve caught a bunch of good shows and have had a bunch of fun.
Let’s see, man, it’s been a while since I’ve written.

Okay, there was Cake way back on January 24th with Tricia’s entire clan. Great show. It was Cake, Tegan and Sarah, Gogol Bordello and Eugene Merman. Cake and Tegan and Sarah were awesome. Eugene Merman was funny the first time and Gogol Bordello sucked ass.

Then on the 27th I finally got to check out Lovers in Transit at The Brick and they were awesome. I’ve been waiting to see them since I heard about them at 75th street months and months ago. Then we met Jeremiah at The Jackpot a while back and he told us more about them. So finally we saw them and they rocked. John met us there and we had a blast.

So then on the 2nd Tricia, Scotty, Christine, Adam, JoLynn and I had dinner at Pot Pie for Tricia’s birthday and that was great. Very good food there, at Pot Pie. Afterwards a few of us went over to The Record Bar and then Charles met up with us. Charles’ DJ friend Senor Oz was playing and that was funky cool. Good music and a cool video show.
Eventually everyone but Charles, Tricia and I threw in the towel so we wandered over to Dark Horse for a while and listened to Justin play rap favorites on acoustic guitar. Ha! Funny stuff. Let’s see. We tried to wake up a really drunk passed out guy, Tricia bought a flower from a bum and we ate pizza on the steps of Tizers (The Steps) and froze our asses off. Good times.

Then on the 4th Jono and I caught Stella Link at The Record Bar. They sucked. Sorry. They have changed their style to some lameass pop rock thing and it was just boring. Oh well. They used to rock. They did play one of their old songs to close the show and everyone loved it and went nuts. Take a hint guys.

Then on the 8th Tricia and I went to Ponaks for dinner and then headed to El Torreon for Flee the Seen. I had never been to El Torreon and neither had she. Guess what? It’s a kid’s club! Who knew? We were the oldest people there by about.. oh… 20 years. No bar, no food, lots of kids smoking. There was a band starting up when we got there and they were pretty good, and then Flee the Seen was just okay. I normally love Flee the Seen but they were off, or something. Didn’t have a very good time.
Tricia was about ready to pack it in (at like 9:30!) but I coerced her into checking out The Hurricane. When we walked in, Laura, the bartender said “Two Stellas?” and I knew we were in trouble. She made us leave at about 3:30. We sat at the bar, played Trivial Pursuit, listened to a couple of jam bands and talked up the bartender all night. Turned out to be a cool night.

On the 11th I somehow managed to convince nearly everyone I know to meet me at The Record Bar to see Lovers in Transit. It was Adam, JoLynn, Lake, Katie, Jim, Spring, Jonathan, Elana, Courtney, Steve, Charles and me. Hope I didn’t forget anyone. Anyway, we saw Aubrey (cool band from Lawrence), Blackout Gorgeous (really cool band from somewhere) who had a female singer with an incredible, haunting voice, The Monitor (who sucked ass) and Lovers in Transit who absolutely rocked the house. They were headlining, which I didn’t realize at first. They also had a light show that was really good and CDs for sale. Jeremiah (singer/guitarist) hooked me up with one for being such a great guy.
Man, I love The Record Bar.

Sunday I was bored and wandering around my house. Saw my nice new North Face coat and my nice new ski pants and said “Fuck it, I’m going skiing.” So I did. That was a lot of fun. Lots of fresh snow and I got lots of good practice in in a few hours. I managed to convince myself I could tackle all the black diamond hills (it’s not really fair to call them slopes) and did really well. I really need to go to a real mountain.

And that’s what’s been going on! Coming up this week is Alice at The Brick, Oh My God at The Record Bar and Nine Inch Nails at Kemper. There’s free PBR from 8 till 10 for the Oh My God show. Mmmmm… trouble. Then there’s OK Go and Lewis Black next week. Man, lots of fun to be had!