It make loud bang. Go boom!

So last night Alex, Victoria and I went shooting at the Lake City Shooting Range and much fun was had by all.

My new AR-15 performed admirably. I was firing at a paper target 50 yards down range and did pretty well. A few nice bullseyes but mostly all over the target. Didn’t really miss it though 🙂

That gun is LOUD. I mean, it’s really, really loud. There isn’t much recoil at all but there is just this concussion of sound and force when you pull the trigger that is difficult to describe. It’s a ton of fun.

Jim suggested that we take a 25 pound ham to the range for some firing into flesh experience, which sounds like a good time. Unforatunatly there is nowhere close where you can shoot at anything but paper targets. Alex has some leads on some unsupervised ranges within at least the bi-state area so we’re going to be visiting some of them.

If you happen to live in the Kansas City area and know of a place to go plinking, please let me know!

A Silly Purchase?

Everyone keeps asking me why I bought a Bushmaster AR-15 and I don’t really have a good reason. I like guns. I always have. I used to spend hours shooting bottles and cans on the railroad tracks with a BB gun; hours even after everyone else had gone. I’m older now, I’m allowed to have guns and I have money to blow so I figure I might as well do it right. Now I just need a place to shoot my high powered assault rifle. Do you have some land you aren’t using? 🙂

Apple iTunes Store

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Hmmmm… 🙂