SecureIM 0.9.1

SecureIM 0.9.1 released. This release includes some bug fixes for exiting the application and a better installer. Expect lots of small releases until 1.0 while I clean things up 🙂

SecureIM 0.9.0 Released

I just uploaded the first “real” version of SecureIM. It is feature complete for my current set, has a nice installer and plays well with Windows. I would love for you to give it a try and tell me what you think. My AIM screen name is BlinkenLts, so if you install it give me a shout and we’ll see if it works 🙂

SecureIM Released for Testing

I have released the first few versions of SecureIM which can be found at that link. SecureIM is an encrypting proxy server for AOL Instant Messenger that uses strong encryption to protect your conversations from prying eyes.

Check it out and let me know if you find horrible bugs 🙂


With nothing better to do this weekend, Ryan and I drove down to Tulsa, OK to catch a GWAR concert. It was uneventful and the concert was mediocre, but it was a good trip anyway.

We were both pretty surprised to see a giant warehouse in the middle of Nowhere, KS which was pretty cool.

For the uninitiated, more about GWAR can be found at

Photos of the trip can be found here. No cameras allowed inside so none of the band unfortunatly. I did learn an interesting trick which was to sneak a disposable camera in to the show for pictures. If it gets taken, who cares? A girl who wanted some pictures of the band recruited me as a stout base on whose shoulders she could sit to take some. I’ll have to remember that for next time.

The picture of Ryan pointing to his face is a mouse he got while in the pit. He went down, someone went up and one landed on top him resulting in something smashing his face. He came flopping out of the pit a few seconds later and it was already bruising up.

Not much to say about Tulsa except that it’s basically like every other miswestern city I have been through. That’s really it 🙂

XP Log

God, just don’t even ask…

09/30 58 12% 8%
10/01 58 20% 8%
10/02 58 28% 8%
10/03 58 38% 10%
10/04 58 40% 2%
10/05 58 60% 20%
10/06 58 80% 20%
10/07 59 00% 20%
10/08 59 02% 02%