No More Phone

I got my home phone turned off today. SBC didn’t like that at all. They really wanted me to keep the phone. So many questions. I decided just to use my cell phone for everything since it’s cheap, always available and handy. This is partly in an effort to save a bit of money here and there because after like 4 or 5 years I once again live alone!

Ryan and Tricia decided to get an apartment and start their happy life together so now it’s just me and this dog. It’s pretty shocking how bare the house looks now without someone else’s crap laying around mixed up with my crap. One glaring instance is that I don’t really have a TV. I have an old 19″ that I haven’t even used in like 7 years but there’s nowhere to put it and I don’t really want to put it anywhere anyway. So, I’ll probably pick up some monster huge TV next week just so the living room doesn’t look completely empty and so I have a place to watch a movie now and then and play some video games.

The balloon project is coming along well. I did tell you about the balloon project, right? Jono and I spent the evening testing all the gear we’ve been purchasing and it all worked great. We also talked design, batteries and generally geeked out. Now that we’ve purchased most of the stuff we’ll need we can really start building the payload and maybe actually get around to doing this crazy thing.

What else? I restarted dieting. That sucks. Gotta shape up though. Doctor says my heart’s going to explode right out of my chest and my head is gonna pop like a ripe tomato under a soldiers boot and blah, blah, blah here’s your $20.

Man, I can’t sleep tonight.

I’m Feeling Better!

I’ve been sick all week, probably from a little virus I picked up somewhere in Westport while dressed as a banana. Today is the first day all week I’ve felt like eating, so of course I am ravenous. Lunch is soon though.
You know how when you have a head cold or whatnot and you are all congested and you blow your nose and nothing will come out? I hate that.
What I LOVE is when the cold is starting to pass and your sinuses finally start clearing out and you blow your nose and those thick brown/yellow/bloody snots blow out in one huge lump. It’s the best feeling ever. Sometimes there’s even chunks.

I told you to stop reading…