Once again, and completely on schedule, I have become older.

I had a really laid back but excellent birthday. Lots of happy birthday wishes from everyone and Courtney hooked me up with all kinds of awesome loot. The best of the batch is that she got me a really nice blender which I’ve wanted for quite a while. Now I can make my own smoothies instead of paying $47 each at the place down the street. Mmmmm….

I also got a new Fruit Fucker shirt, a variety of excellent snacks and tickets to see Ladytron! Woot! She knows me. She does.

Aside from that, the festivities were light. I am working on a new side project and it’s taking all my night time so I didn’t really have time to go out and party or anything.

Except a bit… My friend Tony was in town for a few days for a conference, so we hung out with him a bit at the Owl and Thistle which is a nice dive type of Irish pub downtown. We kept it pretty tame though.

And that’s about it! Now I’m 31. I’ll let you know how it goes.