I think it’s possible that my body is running out of tolerance for this diet thing. It’s still working; I was 215.4 this morning, but I’ve noticed that my afternoons have begun to get somewhat uncomfortable. Not like the back seat of a VW Bug uncomfortable (golf clap) but like I get a headache and I start to shake and sweat and spew pea soup out of my throat.

Actually, maybe I am just possessed.

Possessed or not, I shall be like a man possessed tonight during the “The Faint” concert! Oh yes indeed. Tonight is the night and the rock will be palpable! Until “Bright Eyes” takes the stage that is. Then the rock will be long gone, and nowhere to be seen.

On top of that bit of awesome, tomorrow is the much anticipated release of “The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy”! Excited would be one word to describe me. Terrified would be another. What if it sucks? What if they destroy it? What if, against all recomendations to the contrary , I am forced to panic?

Today I am just chock full of energy. Last night when I left work I did something new and different. I didn’t go drink! Quite a change of pace from the previous week! Instead I mowed the lawn, weeded the “garden” and went to bed. At like 7:30pm. I was completely beat for some reason. Woke up at 6:45am this morning and felt like, at the minimum, 1.7 million bucks. Still do, except for the pea soup issue.


217.0 this morning. That’s pretty awesome. I’m getting really close to my target!

Now if someone could just explain to me where the hell my right nipple thinks it’s going. “Hey!”, I say to it, “Get the fuck back here!”

A Drop of Sanity in an Ocean of Madness?

Wow, that was a wordy, high falutin title wasn’t it?

Seriously though, could it be that some people DON’T want the local government staring at them every chance they get? Is it possible, in these times when terrorists are behind every apple pie on every window sill that some people still value privacy and limited access to information for the government? In short, did someone finally wake the FUCK up?

Decide for yourself.

An Open Letter

Dear Adam,

I realize you have a life to live, and responsibilities to house and family, but the wolves are piling up, and the ogres are taking over the camp. I don’t think the townfolk can hold out much longer.

Think of the townfolk, won’t you?