Does this banana make my ass look big?

I bought a giant banana custome for Halloween and so far it’s been a big hit at work. Everyone knew what I was, which is always good when it comes to Halloween costumes .

But, in the immortal words of Jim Carrey, “Kinda hot in these bananas.”


Anyone know of a free Windows program that will let me access a local serial port over TCP/IP? I’ve Googled some but the sea is awash with flotsam. If you know of something drop me a line!

The Headblade

“You have the look now waste your time and money and skin.”

The Headblade sucks. You can’t get the hair right up behind your ears, you can’t get the sides of your head, you can’t get your sideburns unless you want to shave off your cheeks.
I wash my razor out with very hot water while I shave. Gets the gunk out. With the headblade you have to put your entire hand under the faucet. That hurts.
The only thing I can really see The Headblade excelling at is being thrown in the trash. It’s also good at consuming $20 I could have spent on 1 Mach 3 razor blade.
Man those things are expensive.

Florida et al.

Here I am in Orlando, sitting in the Kinkos up the street from my Grande Villa. Damn these places for not having net access. I know you want me to go to Disney and CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME but comon, I need to at least check my mail now and then don’t I?

So yea, I’m down here for a week for the family reunion. Today was shopping, cause I didn’t bring any shorts or shoes to wear with any shorts I didn’t bring. I figured since it was like 40f in KC it would at least be something like that down here. Nope. 90f and 1 meeelion percent humidity. Funny thing too, because no one actually sells shorts in Florida. I checked.

Tomorrow is Disney, and so is Wednesday. Thursday is Kennedy Space Center, which will be slightly less cool than it could have been if they had not cancelled the launch that was supposed to happen on that day. Friday is probably Universal, or if I have my way, nothing.

Saturday is the steaming hell I call commercial flight.

See you on Sunday!