Back to Prom 2005

So, Saturday night Adam, JoLynn, Scott, Jenny, Francie and myself got all dressed up and went to Back to the Prom 2005. This was a charity event for The University Academy that JoLynn’s company got tickets to. If we had actually had to buy the tickets I’m pretty we couldn’t have afforded them with our combined riches. It was that kind of event.

The event was held at the Regency Hyatt and there was great food by the Peppercorn Duck Club, an open bar and a really great band that played 70s/disco/dance standards. Mmm… I was even convinced to dance a few times and utterly embarassed myself. So there’s that.

After the prom we headed over to Kelly’s for some post party partying and in standard form that’s all I remember. I’m blaming the free wine I drank all night. I’ve found most of my tux though, so that’s good.

Top, from left: Scott, Jenny, Jason
Bottom, from left: JoLynn, Adam, Francie

A Beginning

My memories are movies.
Impossible things from an impossible time that couldn’t have happened.
I cover my face as they click away to hide the shock.
And in tomorrow, I hear the camera start anew.

This is how I feel tonight, and it’s joy. I assure you.


Damn this office for Food Day.

/me waves goodbye to the diet

Just to expand on that a little: I can resist food. I’ve been doing it for months now. Even if I am hungry enough that my stomach is making sounds you all can hear I can reach past the food in the fridge and get a bottle of water. But there are some things no man can resist. Some things so powerful, so desireable that all will falls to the side and the primal beast within bursts out clawing and shrieking.


A crock pot of little hot dogs in some kind of spicy barbeque sauce is the end of all ends and my will is a memory, barely remembered.

Musings On No Theme

228.2 and I still feel great.

And hungry.

So last night I went clothes shopping with JoLynn, Scott and Adam. Vegas is coming up in a few days, and I’ve lost 37ish pounds since I bought any clothes so I was in great need. Anyway, we went to Plato’s Closet where nothing fit me, but Scott found some stuff and then we ended up at The Jones Store. They had all kinds of stuff on sale and I picked up several nice, button down shirts for under $10. Got a bunch of new jeans too, since all the ones I had looked like clown pants on me. All in all I ended up spending like $320 which is probably more than I’ve ever spent on clothes in a single year, let alone a single night.

So, yea, Vegas! Fazed @ Vegas starts for us Kansas City folk next Tuesday night and goes through Sunday. Gonna be a good, good time. Seems like the turnout isn’t as great this year, but that’s okay. There were so many people last year that it was difficult to keep up with everyone. This year we’ve got a party suite for everyone to hang out in which should make finding everyone a lot easier. At least we won’t have to coordinate via mobile phone the entire time.

Diet continues to go well. I have finally recovered from the weekend and the weight is starting to drop again. All the booze from the party last weekend totally screwed me for the first part of this week. I didn’t gain, but I wasn’t losing either.

The big secret from the other day is that it looks like the company where I work is going to hire me for a permanent position. I’m a contractor right now. That’s pretty good news, and comes as a welcome relief from worrying about extending my contract every three months.

I’m out.

I’m Jason von Nieda, and you’re not.

This is your weekend update.
So, Friday night we rocked our socks and everyone else’s socks right off. It was party time at Casa De Me and much Jello was consumed. 144 of those little blue bastards to be exact. I don’t know how many people came, and I don’t know when they left and I didn’t even know who some of them were but man we had a good time.

You should have seen Lake roll in. Damn.

All the damning evidence can be found at Josh’s and Adam’s places.

I spent the rest of the weekend blearily hanging around with Courtney, Keaton, Emily and Megan. Friday night utterly broke me and I was just in a complete daze right until I got up on Monday morning for work. I still felt like I was going to puke all day Monday too. Mission accomplished, I guess.

Oh, we had breakfast at Cup and Saucer on Sunday morning, which was really yum. Definitly go check that out. Down in the River Market area, you know?

In diet news, this morning I was 229.2 which means I’ve beaten my goal for March 01 already. That pretty much rocks.

Other things that rock are that my landlord came and installed new windows in the basement and bathroom. He put in glass block, which is cool because now it looks like I live in a prison and has the added benefit of trapping me, screaming and burning if a fire ever breaks out.

Other cool stuff happened yesterday but it’s still a big secret so I’ll tell you about it in a few days. Yea. Good times.


“Your Retro Career” goes straight to your ass and makes it move.
And my ass doesn’t even know HOW to move.