On Target

222.2 this morning. That’s the SHIT right there! My goal is 222.0 by April 1st, so I am pretty much set there. If I can make today like yesterday I might even reach 220.0 which would be the complete awesome.

I am starting to feel thin, even though I have a long way to go. I’m noticing bones I didn’t have a few months ago. Bones like cheek bones, ribs, shoulder blades, collar bones and even bumps on my skull. It’s all very exciting for me.
One of my ribs appears to have a huge dent in it, so I am pretty interested to see how that looks in another month.

And don’t even get me started about nipples. We can talk about nipples here, can’t we? We’re all adults. The thing about losing a lot of weight is that it doesn’t come off symetrically. My right upper chest has dropped more than my left so far, and because of that my nipples are pointing in different directions. Weird.

So there you have it. Perhaps I should have titled this post “TMI”.

Weight Update

224.4. Finally. I’ve been trying to get past 225.0 for like a month now. Too much partying and cheating and generally having a good time. I don’t think I’ll drop another 4.4 lbs in the next week, like I wanted to but at least it’s still going down.
I’ll set the goal of 222.0 by April 1st, and then after that, who knows. My birthday party will probably cost me about 10 lbs. 🙂

My Fermenter Asplode

The new beer smells absolutly wonderful, and I got plenty of chances to smell it while I was scraping it off the floor, table, ceiling, walls and my jacket.

Very active fermentation, this beer.

I’m a Beer and Potatos Kinda Guy

Yesterday the stars aligned and it was finally brewing day! Hooray! Saturday I went and bought all the goodies I needed to make a batch of yum then I came home and sorted it all out. Threw the hops and yeast in the freezer and set off to run some more errands.

The hops and the yeast in the freezer.

So Sunday morning I got up all ready to brew, remembered that the hops and yeast were in the freezer and promptly started trying to find out where I could buy more yeast. I ended up having to wait till noon for The Homebrew Pro Shoppe to open and raced down there to get some new, not frozen, not dead beasties. On top of that I also did a little shopping for baked potato soup ingredients. I’d been meaning to try making some for a long time, so I invited a few people over for brew day and soup.

So anyway, brew day went really well. I learned a few new tricks that helped me burn myself with scalding water a lot less and the wort came out really well, I think. I also screwed up a few times cause I was trying to do too much at once. Added one addition of hops a little too early and added corriander and orange peel way too early. Hopefully the beer will still be beer.

This batch is supposed to be something along the lines of a Spring wit beer somewhere between New Belgium’s Sunshine Wheat and their Bier de Mars. I started with a basic wheat base (50% malted wheat and 50% pale malt), kept the hops pretty low and added corriander and sweet orange peel. I also picked up some peach extract that I am going to add to half the batch at kegging time. Feel free to stop by in a month and try it out! 🙂

As for the baked potato soup, that turned out pretty decent. It was my first try at any kind of soup that didn’t come from a can and it wasn’t bad. Could have used a little something, but edible and filling. That’ll definitly be the last time I try to make a complicated meal and beer at the same time. I was running around all crazy all day.

This morning I woke up to the happy sound of bubbling fermenters. A note to myself: Stirring helped. The fermenter I stirred the yeast into was going much faster than the one I didn’t, so I’ll need to do that from now on.

Going Down

Yea, so anyway, after about a three week hiatus I’ve finally started losing weight again. I got to about 229 before I left for Vegas and then maintained that pretty well for the past three weeks, never going above 230. This week I have been trying to get back into the groove and it’s going okay. First few days were hard, and I did some cheating but yesterday was solid.

So, drum roll… 225.8!

I’m kind of trying to do about 10 lbs per month, and I might not make it this month, but I’ll catch up quick. If I can manage it that puts me at my goal of 200 right around the end of May which is perfect. That’s when the waverunner comes out.

Awww yeaaa…

Big Red

Eventually we will colonize other planets. Or at the very least our Moon, which will probably happen Real Soon Now™. I want to do this. I know it’ll be a life much like colonial America and the Internet access will really suck and I’ll probably just end up dead when my helmet fails or something but I want to do it anyway. I’d even be willing to reproduce, if you can imagine.

Mysteries of Medicine!

In todays issue of weird things that go wrong with my body I present for your enjoyment:
My Left Side is Colder Than My Right!

That’s right folks. For some reason my left arm, fingers, leg and toes are colder than my right. I assumed I had to be dreaming it up, but the doctor confirmed it this morning. Additionally he said that whole left big toe being numb for the past week is no big deal. Probably just a pinched nerve in my back or something.

I don’t really trust this guy.

It’s no secret that I am (was?) a giant fatass. I pretty much assumed it would kill me some day, but then a few months back when it nearly did I decided I didn’t want to die just yet. Since then I’ve lost about 32 lbs and it’s still going down. I work out regularly and the doctor said this morning that my bloodpressure is “perfect”. That’s all good news. But! My toe is still numb. Whenever something happens on the left side of my body that is out of the ordinary I always assume it’s a heartattack and I’m dying. This is what I am currently assuming.

The doctor checked the pulse all up and down my left and right sides and said I’m just fine and that he’s sure “it’s nothing fatal” but I think I am going to get a second opinion on that. Fatal is just so… permanent.