Goings On

I think I’ve used that title before.

So, I’ve a few things to report!

I’ve  switched to WordPress and I really like it a lot so far. I made my own theme that looks pretty much like my old site which is pretty cool. The theme is widget aware and all that bullshit so yea.

Also, we’ve started using EchoVNC at work which is a relay server enabled suite of VNC programs. The relay server makes it so you don’t have to punch firewall holes and forward ports and all that shit. You run the relay server out on the Internets somewhere and both clients and servers attach to it to set up connections. It’s a great idea, and a great, free, open alternative to LogMeIn. Free for 4 users, that is. After that it’s $300 but well worth it! Check it out at Echogent.

Also! When we moved to Seattle we slowly started to notice that all our towels stunk. Hand towels used in the kitchen especially. After a day or two and having gotten wet they stunk awfully.  It finally got to be unbearable so I did a bunch of research a few weeks ago and eventually bought a tub of powder from Smelly Washer and it’s totally awesome. Everything smells good again! Kind of mundane, I know, but when your towels smell so bad that you end up using paper towels when you get out of the shower then something’s gotta be done.

Okay, now for actual non-advertisement stuff!

Last weekend Courtney and I drove up to Bellingham to meet some Fazers and it was a great time. Midge, a Fazer from Glasgow was in Vancouver visiting family and wanted to get together with some people and it turned into a little gathering. We met up with him and 3 other Fazers at Boundary Bay and had a blast.

Let’s see… Oh, we went and saw Serj Tankian  at The Showbox Sodo and that rocked. He put on a hell of a show. Highly recommended. That was also our first time to the Sodo location and I liked it a lot. Really big and open, but easy to get around. I just got tickets to see Coheed and Cambria there yesterday too. Woo!

What else? We’ve got tickets and reservations and all that to go to Tulsa in April for Ryan and Megan’s wedding, and then I’m gonna fly up to KC for a few days to hang out with the peeps I still know there. Seems like almost everyone moved away!

Oh yea, and we had Courtney’s birthday at The Garage with a ton of her friends from work and that was cool too. The Garage is a cool bar/bowling alley/pool hall in Capitol Hill. Kinda crowded but nice. It still blows  me away a little every time I wander through a bar and see lots of people drinking and partying and not a single cigarette. It’s so awesome.

I think that’s all for now.

New Theme

I decided to go whole hog and attempt to write a WordPress theme that emulated my old site. You see before you the results. Do me a favor and let me know if you notice anything seriously broken.

Welcome to The Social

Welcome to my new and improved site! I got sick of maintaining my own (not very good) blog software so I decided to convert to WordPress. I have many years of junk piled up and I’ve been getting it all moved over, so if you notice a broken link please feel free to let me know.

I already know that any links to old pictures (before I used Flickr) are broken. I’m working on trying to fix those.

The Void

My site! She is empty!

So, my car got broken in to Friday. They stole my Valentine 1 and my Nuvi 350. That sucked.

And we had a lot of fun at The Garage for Courtney’s birthday festivities on Saturday night!