I’ve been pigging out for the last week and a half or so but the number of the scale keeps staying the same, and in the case of last night actually going down. 207.8 this morning. What the hell is up with that?

The only thing I can figure is that I must be losing muscle at an incredible rate to keep up with the fat I am putting back on! Hooray fat!

Okay, not so much hooray really. I need to stay thin(ish) for at least another week. I don’t know if I ever said or not (and I’m too lazy to go back and check) but a big part of the reason I started dieting was because I had a really embarassing episode at Worlds of Fun last year. One of my favorite rides is the Detonator and I decided to ride it. It has an over the shoulder harness and when they went to lower the harness I basically didn’t fit. There is a green light over the harness and you have to press down on the harness until it turns green, otherwise you’ll be decapitated and they’ll find your head over by the snowcone concession.

So the ride operator is pushing and pushing and collapsing my chest and I’m getting completely embarassed. Eventually it’s clear I simply won’t fit so they move me to another seat which works fine. Which, to be honest, makes me a bit concerned about the quality control of the ride manufacturer, but whatever.

So the fact that I couldn’t fit into a ride I liked, and the fact that I had been uncomfortable all day really with my ass overflowing the roller coaster seats and such and the fact that my doctor soon after told me I was going to die if I didn’t lose weight is what made me start dieting.

And to bring this back around to the point I was making in the third paragraph, I am going to Cedar Point next week and it would be pretty cool, and very redeeming if I could fit in the fucking seats of the rides. You know? It’s the simple things that I find important.

I found it really difficult to keep losing weight over the summer, but last winter it seemed really easy. That could be due to a few things. One, of course, is that I don’t go out as much during the winter. More time for not eating, and not drinking and more going to the gym. The other is that it seems like I developed a bit of a social life over the last year which has certainly made dieting more difficult.

So, yea. What was I saying? Man, I smell like pizza.


If I started to mosh down the cubicle hallway everyone would think I was nuts, but they would be doing it too if they could hear the music in my head.

Woo! Is it time to go home yet?

Get Me Naked 2: The Electric Boogaloo

I feel like I am wasting life by not caring about this week and wishing it was over so it would be next week but that’s just the way it is. And that’s not even completely true. I just want it to be Saturday. JoLynn’s party is gonna be full of all kinds of awesome and then Thursday… Oh man, Thursday is Coheed and Cambria. I’ve mentioned that before, yes? Once or twice. And then Friday, for the love of God, Friday morning I am going to get on a train of all things and ride to Sandusky, Ohio of all places and ride roller coasters all damn weekend!

Shit, and then the Fazed party is the next weekend and you knows how that goes.

It’s 2am and the snow is falling still. As our good city lays still.

Yea, so I’m going to Cedar Point next Friday and I’m taking the train. Amtrak, that is. I’ve never done it before and I’m hoping for a giant pile of awesome. It’s slow; 12 hours slow but it’s way better than driving, is cheaper than driving and not as expensive as flying. And it’s not flying. Anything that isn’t flying is good by me.

So that’s all super great. Hopefully it doesn’t rain on us at Cedar Point cause that would be a real bummer. Unless it rains and they don’t close the rides cause that would be great. Except it would probably be pretty cold. Man, I don’t want it to be too cold.

I’m pretty damn excited about that trip. I’ve wanted to go since the dawn of time and I’ve wanted to ride a train since the dawn of time. And autumn is going to be in full swing by next week (it’s already happening here) and the scenery is gonna be gorgeous and I just want to fucking GO.

You said “My life’s like a bad movie.”, and I said, “That’s true of all of us.”

I never did get around to posting my massive post on bad dreams. I didn’t finish it and it was already several pages long. I’ll maybe finish that up and post it cause maybe it would be fun to read. Lately my posts have just been these long laundry lists of events, which is cool because I enjoy going back and reading them and remembering the fun I’ve had but maybe not too entertaining for my faithful readers. All both of you.

It’s been so long that it seems like I’ve never danced with anyone. She moves so, she moves so well.

And I’m here to entertain. This blog, at least. It’s here to entertain you and to help me remember. And now I just need something to help me forget.

An Open Letter

I’d like to issue a formal apology to the people of Westport for my behavior on the evening of Saturday, September 24, 2005.
I apologize for the following acts:

  • Calling everyone “bro”.
  • Exhausting The Hurricane of it’s precious PBR.
  • Stomping on innumerable feet while moshing.
  • Screaming at the top of my lungs every few seconds. I’ll buy you all new ears, or at least batteries for your hearing aids.
  • Starting a pit with the intention of getting kicked out and then actually only seeing some of my “bros” getting kicked out. One by an extremely pissed off young lady.
  • Asking an ex-coworker “So, you are with Oracle now?” over and over cause I kept forgetting her answer.
  • Hero worshiping Miah of One Degree Difference.
  • Trying to tell anyone that would listen to how to make me a Key Lime Pie.
  • Generally being an idiot at James the Chubbys security guard. On a side note, when the security guard at your favorite drunken breakfast place starts to recognize you and says “Are you guys down here every weekend, or what?” it’s time to… well… keep doing it, cause it’s fun. I guess.

    I’m sure I’ve missed some, but that should be enough to get the ball rolling.
    All that silliness aside, I had a lot of fun this week and weekend. My entire body feels like it’s going to come apart at the seams and I don’t think my neck, or liver for that matter, will ever be the same but I won’t soon forget this one.

    The coming week is going to be big and lame and boring. There’s not a thingy going on until Saturday night. Which is probably for the best, all told.

  • Blinkenlts

    Scott and I spent another evening working on the XPS LEDs plugin for WinAmp last night and polished it up quite a bit. Scott submitted it to WinAmp for inclusion on the site but it hasn’t happened yet.

    Till it does, check out some videos I took of the plugin in action.
    Awww yeaaa…

    Video 1
    Video 2
    Video 3

    WinAmp has posted the plugin, so go getcha some of that if you are one of the two people in the world with an XPS Gen 2.


    Last night Scotty came over with his monster badass laptop; a Dell XPS Gen 2. One of the cool features of the laptop is that it has all these LEDs all over the case that can change colors. Scott wanted help figuring out how to change them from code and then to maybe write a WinAmp Plugin to match them to music.

    So we did that.

    You can check out our early results at the WinAmp Forum

    I’m a Crook!

    For lunch today I decided to swing by Hen House and pick up some Coldplay tickets for next week’s show. So I did that and since I was there I walked over to the place where they have home cookin’ type food and I got some chicken tenders and some mac and cheese. I went home and enjoyed it. Very good. This is important later.

    So a few minutes ago I am sitting at my desk and my thought process goes like this:
    1. I think I’ll walk down to the vending machines and get a snack.
    2. Shit, I don’t have any ones. All I have is a twenty.
    3. Wait, I broke the twenty when I paid for lunch at Hen House.
    4. I still have just a twenty…
    5. FUCK!

    At Hen House they just weigh the food you get and slap a sticker on it and then you pay at the checkout with all the rest of your stuff. I didn’t have anything else to pay for and I guess my mind was elsewhere and I just trotted right out the door without paying. Good chicken though.

    So, moral to the story? If you need a free lunch, visit Hen House at I35 and Antioch.
    Just kidding.
    I’m gonna go back and pay tonight. I swear.

    Manager Humor

    “Avoid employing unlucky people – throw half of the pile of CVs in the bin without reading them.” — David Brent

    A CV is a curriculum vitae, and is synonymous with résumé.

    High Flyin’ Kid Stuff

    So, last night I was supposed to go to The Brick to see Onemilliontinyjesuses but I just wasn’t up to it. Instead I downloaded a bunch of albums by Minus the Bear. Minus the Bear is a band Courtney told me about a while back. She invited me to go to their show at the Granada on Monday and I figured I should at least give em a listen before the show. Glad I did! They are awesome. I’m really enjoying the three albums I got which are “Menos el Oso”, “They Make Beer Commercials Like This”, and “Highly Refined Pirates”.

    So, bored, I decided to go driving and listen to music. I ended up on Route 5 North at the suggestion of my brother. It’s just a bit north of Cabella’s and all that stuff, off I-435. Very cool road! It was getting dark as I hit it and I had a blast tearing ass through the curves and hills. I took this picture at one point. I eventually hit a detour / dead end kind of thing so I stopped to upload the image. There was this huge, dark house on the corner and it was just pitch black aside from the flashing detour lights. Looked like something out of a horror movie.

    And that’s that, I guess.