You know what really drives me nuts? When people are so in a hurry to prove they know what you mean (in a conversation) that they don’t bother to listen to your words and then they fuck it all up cause they didn’t hear a thing you said.

Me: “Yea, so we are going to need a clas…”
Them: *nod, nod, nod* “Yep, gotcha. Exactly.”
Me: “…s that will interpolate th…”
Them: “Yep, perfect. No problem. Easy.”
[time passes]
Them: “Here you go!”
Me: “This is a bag of dog shit…”

Just slow the hell down for a minute! I believe that you know how to do your job, there’s no reason to try to prove it by cutting off sentences!

This also applies to waitresses who don’t write shit down.
Man, that drives me nuts. You got 8 people at a table ordering all kinds of food and drinks and you are gonna remember it? Please.

P.S. I’m not talking about you. Just calm down.

Cocoa Madness!

Can anyone tell me why my menu separators in my program show up blank instead of with the horizonal line that other applications have? This only happens in the dock menu. I’ve tried adding the separator through Interface Builder and through code (with [dockMenu addItem:[NSMenuItem separatorItem]];

In the example below, my menu is on the right. There should be separators below the ~08. item and below the Stop item. They should look just like the one below the Mute item and just like the ones on the menu on the left, from iTunes.


<hitokiri> he and i administered a MUD for like 3+ years
<robin> what’s a MUD?
<barjam> it is like IRC except it is for virgins


Mac vs. PC – Update

Turns out I have a stick of bad RAM. I’ll be exchanging that today. I was able to install 10.2 and 10.3 just fine after removing my RAM upgrade and the system seems perfectly stable.


Mac vs. PC – Part 4 – The End?

So my PowerBook has been unstable as hell. The OS has locked hard a few times, applications crash all the time and worst of all, after several compiles in XCode gcc just start segfaulting. I either have to restart XCode or restart the computer.

In the immortal words of the stoned Mac girl, “Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep”.

So last night I thought that I remembered upgrading to 10.3 form 10.2, instead of doing a fresh install. I really can’t remember which I did, but I figured there was a good chance it was an upgrade and OS upgrades are usually unstable. I’d never do a Windows upgrade, fresh installs are just better. With that in mind I decided to reinstall fresh.

I started the 10.3 install, told it to format the hard drive and it went to town. Right up to the point where it failed. Log showed that it was unable to write several files to the disk.
Not one to be easily disuaded I rebooted, put in my original 10.2 system software and tried to install that. No good. Couldn’t write several files to the disk.
Okay, so reboot again and to a “Format with all zeros” format on the drive, new volumes, the whole bit.
Install 10.2 and it goes just fine. Log complained that it couldn’t find a header on a “pax” but it never showed any error messages. So, I go to install 10.3 thinking the fresh format did the trick and it fails. Similar complaint to the 10.2 install.

So there are two possibilities here. One is that my OS X 10.3 CD is bad. Very possible, as the CD is very low quality. I’ll try to make a new one tonight. The other is that my hard drive is bad, or in the process of going bad. This will mean sending the PB to Apple. Not fun! Hopefully I’ll have a better idea tonight, cause last night I ran out of juice around 3am and passed out.