I discovered that my little photoblog script was grabbing a fairly low quality thumbnail of the actual image that I sent so I fixed up the script to grab the “Original” quality image. It’s still terrible, but at least it’s as good as it can be. The script is a bit more complicated now since Sprint makes me jump through several hundred thousand hoops to get at the pictures, along with the fact that the servlet (I assume) that actually serves up the pictures is braindead but it (the script, remember?) seems to work just fine.

For the heck of it, here’s the script that gets called from procmail to find, download and archive the images.

I know I am a terrible Bash scripter and you could have done it in one line of Perl for $250,000 less and in 14 seconds but you didn’t.

rm -rf $TMPDIR
mkdir -p $TMPDIR
URL=`grep “^http.*MMS$”`
IMAGEURL=`wget -P $TMPDIR -O – $URL | grep “/mi/” | sed -e “s/.*(http.*.jpeg).*/1/”`
IMAGEFILE=`ls $TMPDIR/*.jpeg* | head -1`
cp -f $IMAGEFILE $DESTDIR/`date +%s`.jpg

Poor Impulse Control

Well, since no one would go to Texas with me and I was bored on Saturday morning I went and bought a 2004 Mazda RX-8 with all the trimmings. It’s so hot that the word hot is really just an introduction to getting started with describing it.

I’m tired as hell so I’ll write more about it later. Suffice to say I’ve gone through 2 tanks of gas and about 450 miles since 3pm Saturday afternoon.

For the time being there are some pics here and more to come.

Oh man, I love it.

Ha, ha!

One DJ says to the other, “Do you want to go to a movie tonight?” and the other one says, “I don’t know, who’s the projectionist?”


Also, I still want to go to Texas tonight. We should leave by 6 at the latest. Comon, let’s go.

Let There Be Music

To call me tired would be the understatement of the year.

Well, I suppose I should keep things in perspective. To call George W. Bush a bad president would be the understatement of the year, but calling me tired would definitely be some sort of understatement.

What was I thinking last night? Tricia met me at my place at about 6pm and we headed off for a night of rock and roll. Dinner at Rudy’s1 started it off and so did a couple of margaritas. If you haven’t been to Rudy’s yet I don’t know what the hell your problem is. Honestly, it’s like I don’t even know you anymore.

Rudy’s is awesome. They have great, cheap mexican food, great chips and salsa and queso and great margaritas. I had Something de Chile con Something Mexica which is bite sized pieces of pork covered in some kind of green sauce with rice, potatos and tortillas to wrap it all up. Ryan and Tricia used to get it all the time at some other restaurant and bring it home and it would utterly stink up the fridge. It was great. And the margaritas? Man.

So then we headed off to The Madrid Theater for some rock n’ roll Built to Spill stylee. We didn’t bother to get tickets beforehand for the show because, you know, we’re just way to cool for that kind of thing now. In fact, we were so cool that we waited in the huge line to get in to find out that they were not selling tickets at the door and we could get them at Recycled Sounds 1.5 blocks that –> way. So we walked on down to Recycled Sounds with the Extremely Angry Homeless Man who shouted helpful tips in our ears the entire way.
Example: “Fuck you, you black bitch!!”
Note: I am not black. Nor is Tricia. She’s pretty tan though.

Tickets were obtained and back to the line we went. The Extremely Angry Homeless Man played a second act for the entire line just when I happened to be loading the change from my pocket into my wallet so he hit me up and I gave him a buck. He stopped yelling at people so that was pretty sweet.

Okay, wow, long winded today aren’t I? So we finally get inside and The Madrid is totally awesome. Never been there before. Very clean, nicely laid out, stylish, non smoking where it matters. They have a cool balcony area with little tables and chairs, almost lounge like so you can watch the show and actually set down your drink. All the tables were taken so we ended up standing down in the pit but it’s still a really cool place.

The first band was Mike Johnson and the Evildoers and they were absolutly great. They played some kind of spacey, noisy, psychedelic, grungy rock stuff that seemed mostly made up on the spot. Very much reminded me of the first time I saw The Mermen. I closed my eyes and just completely rocked out the entire time they played. Turns out it’s normally just Mike. The Evildoers were a couple of Built to Spill’s guitarists.

Built to Spill came on quickly after and played and played and played. I’d never really heard them before and from what I understand their live show is pretty different from their recordings but they were incredible. They followed my favorite formula for each song which is:
1. start slow, simple
2. couple of verses, pick up the pace a little
3. 10 minute instrumental building up to massive crescendo that makes everyone completely freak out
4. slow it down, say “Thanks” while everyone catches their breath

They did a lot of open jamming and really played a long set. I could have listened to either band for another 4 or 5 hours though. I definitely will not miss either of those bands if they come by again.

So then it was midnight, I guess? Or 1? We wanted to try to check out some singer who Tricia knew that we saw in Recycled Sounds but we couldn’t remember where she said she was playing. We thought maybe Davey’s so we drove by and it looked completely dead. Still wanting to kick it we headed for The Hurricane and caught about the last 20 minutes of a set by Green Lemon. The Hurricane almost never fails to please and those guys kicked ass. Every band member seemed to be playing his own style of music but it all came together very tight. And the keyboard player was singing into a vocoder, which is basically all it takes for me.

We hung around for a while longer since they were playing some good stuff on the PA (Portishead, Postal Service) and tried to find enough change to buy a couple of PBRs (oh, the horror!) and rolled out of there around 3 or so.

If you are in Westport and it’s 3am and you have been rocking out with your proverbial cock out all night you don’t go home. You go to Nichol’s or you go to Chubby’s. We went to Chubby’s, pigged out and played oldies on the juke box, much to the dismay of the other patrons.

I rolled into bed at a leisurely 5am or so and got up for work at 8am.

I started this post by asking “What was I thinking last night?”. I know what I was thinking. I was thinking that I am a god damn rock star. And I am. Don’t you forget it.

1Courtney, I still want to go to Rudy’s tonight. I’d eat there every night if I could.

Photo Blog

In keeping up with The Joneses I went ahead and implemented a photo blog type thingy on my site. You should be seeing a picture to the left and below my menu which is the latest picture I have uploaded with my camera phone and if you click it you should be able to see all the pictures I’ve uploaded with my camera phone. It’s an old idea, but it’s still pretty cool and I like it.

For the curious:
It’s an 11 line shell script that gets triggered from procmail. It grabs a Sprint URL from a standard Picture Mail message, uses wget to get the page and associated images, makes wild assumptions about what the image should be named, copies it to my Photo Blog gallery and my current webcam image which you see on the left.

If I want to take a picture and have it appear on my site all I do is snap the pic and send it to a certain email address on my server. It’s three clicks.

Behold! The Internet!


I totally felt my spine this morning. That’s so awesome.


I decided to cut the week of starvation short. I was in rough shape this morning. Going to try to bring myself back to life today and then just stick to the normal diet for the rest of the time. I think I accomplished what I wanted to do though, which was to break through 214 where I had been stuck. As long as I eat carefully over the next few days I should be able to keep that off and finally reach my goal.

Believe me, I’m ready to be done dieting.