Road Rage

So I am driving home from work in the center lane of College Blvd. A woman in a silver car in the lane to my left kind of drifts over a bit in to my lane, just barely crossing the line. I move over a bit just to be safe and wait for her to notice. I glance up and see she’s on the phone. She continues to drift over into my lane, very slowly like so I give a friendly “You are in my lane dumbass” honk and look over. She doesn’t even flinch. Now she is more than half way into my lane and I am more than half way into the right lane so she doesn’t hit me. I lay on the horn and she finally glances up. She gives off a “What is your problem” kind of vibe and then glances ahead finally noticing where she is and moves back in to her lane.

We end up going the same direction onto 435N. I get in the left lane so I can get the hell out of there and she gets in the right. Before I take off I see her merge into the exit lane without looking, cutting off a car which swerves into the right lane to miss her.

She’s still on the phone.

I have taken a lot of design ideas and inspiration for my site from Alex @ so the least I could do is plug his site. If you like reading about other people’s lives that are more interesting than yours, looking at excellent photography or are looking for a IRC channel you can join to be fiercly abused, is your one stop shop.

ICAST 2002

Once again I find myself in Las Vegas, NV for a trade show. This time I am here for the ICAST show. I am writing from booth 527, North Hall, Las Vegas convention center on a laptop via wireless ethernet. Not a bad gig really. I am here to geekily support the company I work for, I’ll be here till Friday evening, so if you are in the area, stop by and say “Hi!”.

I have some photos from the trip so far at this link and I am adding more as I take them. The two pictures of the pools are the view from my hotel room at the Bellagio. If you look close you can see me down there drinking the best damn strawberry margaritas I have ever tasted.

Spooklight and Precious Moments

On Saturday July 13th Kelly, Alex, Victoria, James, Barb and myself headed down to Joplin, MO
to witness the spectacle that is The Hornet Spooklight. Unsurprisingly the Spooklight didn’t turn up, but we did get to hang out on a dusty country road for 3 hours and chat with friends, which is a good way to spend an evening. Later James and Barb promised to take us to a haunted house so we drove off into the Missouri / Oklahoma night and searched for it. And searched for it. And searched for it. Tired and bored we found our way back to civilization and went our seperate ways. Kelly and I stayed in Joplin because she had mentioned wanting to see the Precious Moments Chapel Center. This is where it all went horribly wrong.

I had seen Precious Moments figurines before and I assumed they were just more of the standard sickeningly cute Hallmark fare but I was in for quite the surprise. As it turns out, those cute figurines mean much, much more when you know the story. Turns out that Sam Butcher, the artist who designs Precious Moments figurines has had a life of hardship. He found Jesus and that is his inspiration for all of the Precious Moments figurines, paintings, sculptures, chapels, islands, fountains and theme parks. I can barely describe the lengths to which this guy has gone to do… whatever the hell it is he’s trying to do so I will let my photos of the event and some other reviews cover it. Needless to say I am never going back and Kelly is already planning a second trip 🙂

New Updates

I am in the process of updating this site some. I have recently become very interested in photography and will use this site to share some of my photos. As a geek, of course I have to write a complete web based image browsing platform, so things will be in a state of flux for a while. For the time being, read the following blather.

Old stuff

My Nikon 775 digital camera died with some blown pixels, so after a rather pleasant Best Buy experience I emerged with a Canon S30 which I am very happy with so far.

Update! All my digital photos, as I take them can be seen at this link. I am working on a better gallery, so for now just figure it out 🙂 These are unprocessed and unfiltered. There are some that are no damn good. Sorry.

What year is it? 2002? Is it still cool to have a picture of your dog on the web?
I just can’t remember any more. I sure hope so.

I have no idea where that lens flare came from.

Adam and I have written software for you to use. You can see some of it here. I wrote some stuff for BeOS a while back, but then they became lame and I got all bitter about it.

I work for DTO now.

There used to be some more info, and some pictures and stuff but they are all horribly outdated. I’ve got a digital camera now, and people keep doing things like sending me to Vegas for a week, so perhaps soon there will be more. I know you can barely contain yourself.

That’s about it really. So, see you in a few years then? Right.