< Fat

This morning I woke up and did what I’ve done every day since November. I rolled out of bed, grabbed my bathtowel, went to the bathroom, stripped down and weighed myself. I do this every morning before my shower, and I get up at the same time pretty much every day so it’s a good judge of just how much weight I have lost each day. I’m dieting, remember?

Well, this morning I was 234.6 lbs which is 0.4 lbs under the lowest weight I have been in something like 9 years. When I tried the diet thing last year (or was it two years ago?) the lowest I got before giving up was 235.0 lbs. So, hooray!

I started at 265.5 way back in November so it’s come a long way. And it’s got a long way to go, but it’s GOING. My current goals are 230.0 lbs by March 1 and 200.0 lbs by summer. Summer in this case is defined as “The first time I take my shirt off to go waverunning.”

So, yea. Diet’s going good.

To Apple

Dear Apple,

Please return my Powerbook to me. I’ve switched. I drank the Koolaid. I like things that are colorful. I need my Powerbook back. Please.