Mysteries of Medicine!

In todays issue of weird things that go wrong with my body I present for your enjoyment:
My Left Side is Colder Than My Right!

That’s right folks. For some reason my left arm, fingers, leg and toes are colder than my right. I assumed I had to be dreaming it up, but the doctor confirmed it this morning. Additionally he said that whole left big toe being numb for the past week is no big deal. Probably just a pinched nerve in my back or something.

I don’t really trust this guy.

It’s no secret that I am (was?) a giant fatass. I pretty much assumed it would kill me some day, but then a few months back when it nearly did I decided I didn’t want to die just yet. Since then I’ve lost about 32 lbs and it’s still going down. I work out regularly and the doctor said this morning that my bloodpressure is “perfect”. That’s all good news. But! My toe is still numb. Whenever something happens on the left side of my body that is out of the ordinary I always assume it’s a heartattack and I’m dying. This is what I am currently assuming.

The doctor checked the pulse all up and down my left and right sides and said I’m just fine and that he’s sure “it’s nothing fatal” but I think I am going to get a second opinion on that. Fatal is just so… permanent.


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System check.
Clock – failed.
Gyros – failed.
Temperature management – failed.
Toxin cleaners – failed.
CPU – failed.

It’s been a long few days. Don’t ask me to count how many. Obviously I am getting older. I can tell by the way the Sun does that up down thing, but I am not sure if “older” can account for my inability to continuously rock the house like I used to.

I’ve been drinking now for three days straight. See, I counted. I’ve also not been dieting, and I find that my body is not up to the task at hand. It’s next to impossible to eat a small meal here. I start with good intentions and end up consuming enough food to last two days on my “normal” diet. And then I’m miserable for a few hours because I am so stuffed, and I do it again.

Today I’ve decided to get back on the diet. If we were eating in nice restaurants with incredible food I could justify the pigging, but we’re just eating shit and it’s not worth it. So as soon as I wake up, or go back to sleep and then wake up or something I’m going to strut down to Walgreens, get me some Slim Fast and start to starve again.

So that all sounded depressing and sad. Here’s the good news:
It’s been big fun so far. We saw Mystere on Wednesday night, which I had seen before, and it was awesome. JoLynn, Adam, Scott and Christine all went and thought it was great, which made me happy since I had recommended it over and over and over.
I’m doing pretty well in the money department. This morning I won $20 on slots, which is nothing, but it got me interested in playing so I headed for the blackjack tables.

My style of blackjack is one of barely controlled panic and confusion. I don’t really know how to play and I don’t know all the little tricks like doubleing down, and insurance, and splitting and that “even money” thing. I just do what feels about right, usually pissing someone off, and I generally come out ahead.
Today I won about $100, which was cool. That was about how much I spent the day before on food, drinks and various shit so I didn’t even have to hit the ATM today. What a deal!

More people arrived today, and we got ahold of the party suite, which ruled. I got to meet a few Fazers I hadn’t before, and some I don’t even know from the site. I also spent some time with the old and faithful. Jay rolled in this morning, and Abby this evening.

I note that I am speaking as if it’s yesterday. Just accept it and move on please.

The party suite is pretty great. Very comfy. Lots of chairs, couches and such. We have a little bar and fridge, which was unexpected, so that rules. I didn’t spend much time there today cause I ate myself into a coma and went to bed at like 10pm. Lame. I’ll try to snap out of it and be more awesome tonight.

The Gemstone folks are partying like rock stars in the suite right above us. They had two kegs on ice and two more in reserve, along with giant piles of bottled alcohol. They were streaming past all day and evening. There’s millions of them.

I was asleep when Adam and JoLynn came in, woke up and we chatted for a bit. Scott stopped by to pick up some loot and I found that when everyone had settled down I was wide awake and tired as hell. Been trying to get back to sleep since 4am and it’s not happening. Watched the Sun come up with the mountains in the distance and now I’m chilling to some Groove Salad and gain a bit of normalcy before trying to sleep more.

End of transmission.