No Time!

Last Thursday I turned off the little clock in the system tray in Windows at work. It’s awesome. The day passes so much faster now that I am not glancing at the time every minute. I still have my watch on, but now when I glance down at where the clock used to be I realize I am doing it and just go back to work instead of checking my watch. You should try it.

All the New News

So, Friday saw my 28th birthday come and go. JoLynn and Adam threw me a great party at her place with lots of funky Jello shots and lots of funky tunes. Adam and JoLynn spent last week making awesome Jello shots in far more creative ways than I ever have. They used lots of different flavors of Jello and different types of booze to make em taste yummy. My favorite were the lime and the chocolate covered cherry. Mmm.

Music was provided by DJ Jeffrey Payne and the Wheels of Steel. Jeff is a friend of mine who I met through my job and he’s got way more records than you do. He spun (spun? spinned? played?) all night and ever coerced some people out to the dance floor (JoLynn’s garage).

Things ended well, with no one spraying Jello anywhere, which is always a bonus.

That was pretty much the highlight of the weekend. I spent the rest of it wandering around my house while my landlord and three construction type dudes installed tile in my bathroom. It ended up taking longer than it was supposed to so I had to borrow Ryan’s shower a few times. The tiling is finally done and sealed and set and all that, so I was able to shower in my own house this morning. That ruled.

In weight news, on Friday morning I was down to 220.8, on Saturday morning I was back up to 225.0. That sucked. Partys are bad, bad, bad for the diet. I was decent, but not great about my diet over the weekend and then pretty good Monday. Yesterday I went hard core and had a nice, long workout and was rewarded with 222.0 this morning. That’s quality. Hopefully by Friday I can get back down to 220.0 and it’ll be like the past week never happened 🙂

I also got my waverunner up and running this weekend, so that’s exciting. It’s just sitting in the garage now waiting for me to lose 20 more pounds 🙂

And hey, if anyone from Kansas City is reading, do you know of a decent, unsurpervised shooting range around here? I’m willing to travel about an hour in any direction. All I wanna do is blast the hell outta some melons.

That’s it.


Finally got my results. I’m not gonna die! Hooray!

Everything is pretty normal, but my cardiac risk is a little high, which is to be expected. The stuff that is high is just *barely* high, so when I finish losing my weight I can probably expect to be safely in normal.

My cholesterol is 191 mg/dL. What’s yours?

Bad News

I always assume the worst, and then I’m pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t happen.

On Tuesday morning I got my blood drawn at work for a standard blood test. I work at a lab and one of the “perks” is that you can get your blood work done for free. Get checked for cholestoral, diabetes, blood cell counts and all that. And HIV.

Lab results for employees normally come back in less than 24 hours, so Wednesday I waited all day for a yellow envelope to appear at my cube. Wednesday passed with no results so Thursday came and I began to get nervous. I got nervous because when blood tests positive for something bad it gets run again with a second tube to verify before results are sent out. I waited patiently all day Thursday and no results.

This morning I woke up thinking “I really hope they show up this morning so I don’t have to be nervous all day” and when I got to work there was no results, but an email. The email was from the head of HR at my company and said:

Subject: Time to Talk
Jason, I need to talk to you today. Could you let me know when you will be available?

That was right when my heart stopped. I’m writing this from the grave.

Ha Ha! Just kidding, but I got extremely scared real damn quick. I walked over to HR to talk to Susan and she said “I guess you probably know why I called you over.” I thought I had an idea, but it turned out I was completely wrong. It was some other thing completely unrelated to having blood full of horrible stuff and everything was just great.

I still don’t have my results though.

Just to be clear, there is absolutly no reason at all for me to be worried about anything, except my cholestoral. But I am anyway. That’s just the way I work. I like to think it’s healthy paranoia, but really it’s just paranoia.


Happy Birthday to me.

In the final stretch I almost made it. 220.8 this morning. That’s almost where I planned to be a month ago, and further than I planned to be a week ago, so that’s pretty cool. I’ve been trying to do 10 lbs a month, and this month was damn hard with all the Vegas and partying, but now I am finally starting to get close to my final goal (200 for summer) and it’s probably going to get a lot harder.

I’ve got 10.8 lbs to lose in April and 10 lbs to lose in May, and then it’s waverunner season! Wish me luck 🙂