Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

So, this weekend was pretty great. Friday night started off a little slow and then gained a giant pile of momentum. Keaton and I got started at Harry’s while the rest of the crew worked themselves up to coming out. Eventually Keaton, Courtney, Scott, Eric, Tricia, Charles and I hit The Phoenix for some jazz and fun. It was a nice night for sitting outside so we did that for a while and then went in for some reason I don’t remember. Tricia’s friends Courtney and Bill joined us for a short while before we all decided it was time for the strip club. There may have been shots of Jaeger involved.

Charles led us to The Shady Lady in The Freakin’ Ghetto and we got our nasty on. Pretty decent place, but a little tame for my tastes. And a little expensive. During the week there’s no cover charge but Friday it was $5. Not a big deal. Lap dances were $10 for clothed (lame!) and $20 for topless (lame). I don’t know about you but when I make the decision to go to the joint I prefer to abandon all hope and let the devil in. See also The Outhouse. The girls were a notch or two better looking than The Outhouse, I’ll say that much.

We escaped there around 3:00am and made our way to Scott’s place. At least, most of us did. Charles stayed behind to chat with some of the girls. He’ll tell you more about that on his site. We managed to find our way back to Scott’s place and set in to the additional partying. Family Guy, Scott’s beer pig, (unsuccessful) one armed pushups and general insanity ensued. We wound things down around 5:30 or so and went in search of food.

Charles recommended City Diner but it wasn’t open till 6 and we were ravenous. Town Topic it was and I tasted heaven. They made me the best two pancakes I have ever tasted in my life and I’ve thought of little else since then.

Courtney left her car at my place cause she was too beat to drive and Keaton took her home. That led to me being scared half to death later Saturday afternoon. I was in my room with the door closed trying on some new shirts. Door was closed so Sonja would leave me alone while I changed. I’ve got the radio turned way the hell up and I’m rocking out. So suddenly someone knocks on my damn bedroom door and my heart exploded. I guess Courtney and Keaton had been banging on the outside door, ringing the bell, shouting my name and I couldn’t hear any of it. Man, that sucked.

Saturday night Charles, Rich and I headed for Lawrence to check out Les Claypool. Box office was closed when we got there so we went down to Free State for some beer and grub. Tried their Cyclist which was awesome. It’s a quarter glass of lemonade mixed with their wheat beer. Very refreshing! By time we got back to the box office the show was completely sold out so we bailed for Ameristar where The Gang was supposed to meet up. The Gang turned out to be Adam, JoLynn and Patrick. Everyone else was too tired out from Friday 🙂 I actually was too, but I tried and failed to party. In bed around 3:00am. Not bad.

Sunday I woke up with post-party depression and decided to forget all by doing yard work. I mowed the front and cut huge swaths out of the front jungle. You can actually see the porch now. I had to take an axe to a few particularly pesky plants near the steps so that was pretty fun. I also decided to finally brave the back yard which I had not mowed once all year. It was insane. It probably took me three hours to mow that little lawn but now it’s managable and Sonja will go outside again 🙂

Now bored I decided to put some miles on the rental car. I have a Mazda 6 the dealer gave me while they replace my transmission and it’s such a nice car I decided to do some cruising. I was going to go up to some road way up northwest where I remember there being some orchards, just to cruise around but I ended up swinging off at the exit for Weston. I wanted to check out the old brewery everyone is always talking about. I never found it but I did check out McCormick Distillery which makes the vodka we’ll be consuming in our Jello this Friday. I cruised around downtown Weston and got the evil eye from all the locals.

So I bounced back to the highway and just hit the gas. Highway 45 which goes past Weston is a 2 lane (one each direction) road with a 60 MPH speed limit and it’s a lot of fun to just drive on. Saw a sign for Atchison and said “Hey, I think I’ll check out Atchison.” It was… a small town. Nice bridge though. After that I hit Leavenworth and pulled into Fort Leavenworth. I didn’t really have a reason to be there and the guards seemed to be doing quite the shakedown so I just turned around. Then Parkville which I like more every time I pass through and Kansas City, KS which was kinda scary.

Finally, Courtney and I went down to midtown(?) (39th and Bell area) to get some water ice, wander around and chat. I wrapped up the night snoozing on the couch while watching “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” and “In Good Company” which were both pretty good.

So yea, pretty good weekend! This week is looking to be kinda boring but who knows. Maybe something fun will happen and surprise me.

Sheep Go To Heaven

Last night was the big Buzz Beach Ball 1 at Sandstone Ampitheater (keep the dream alive!) and it kicked piles of ass. The lineup was Story of the Year, Straylight Run, Cake and Weezer. The gang was Scotty, Christine, Adam, JoLynn, Courtney, Keaton, Jonathan, Elana, Tricia and me.

I was pretty excited to see Story of the Year because I dig some of their songs I’ve heard on the radio but they ended up sucking. Their sound wasn’t very good and the front man blabbed like a 10 year old the entire time. Lame.

Straylight Run I missed most of because I was in the beer line. I didn’t even know they were playing because I thought they were supposed to be on the main stage and were on the side stage instead. Oh well.

Cake was completely awesome and put on a great show. Could have been louder, but lots of fun to listen to and everyone sang along. Very cool. They didn’t play Jolene which was the song I wanted to hear most, but they played lots of other great songs.

Weezer I didn’t know what to expect with but they didn’t dissapoint. Rivers was pretty lively and even commented on the audience a few times, which is pretty rare from what I hear. They had this really cool abstract background that was white lines on black except the white lines would change colors and animate now and then. I’m still not sure how they did it. Very cool though. They played all the favorites except My Name is Jonah and only played a few of the new songs. All the kids at the show sang along to We Are All On Drugs and Beverly Hills and all us old people sang along to everything else 🙂

Oh, hehe, one thing that made me laugh pretty hard was that when one of the songs started I was slapping my thighs to the beat. Just rocking out and having a good time and suddenly the group behind me started doing the same thing and then the song turned out to be Buddy Holly and we all jumped up and kicked it.

We wrapped up the night Pancho’s Stylee and I just gave blood for an Omega 3 Fatty Acid study at work. I can’t wait to see what they extract from it. They are gonna be like “This guy is made of 100% melted cheese, hot dogs and Bud Light.”

The End

The trip, she is over. I’m sitting in the airport in Philly waiting for my plane to arrive so it can depart. Expected was tons of traffic and crowds and lines and problems. Experienced was no traffic and 5 minutes elapsed from the front of the airport to my gate, including security.

The trip was pretty decent. Got to spend plenty of time with my family, most of which I never see. We had a big 4th of July party on on Saturday and about 48 people showed up. Most were from my stepfather’s side of the family but I knew a few of them so that was cool. I threw my stepbrother Barry bodily into the pool to the cheers of the crowd. Aparently he does it every year to someone and payback has been due for many moons.

Sunday Civvy (sister), Dave (her husband), Chris (brother), Tyler (his son), Adam (brother), Susan (his wife) and me (me) went to Ocean City, NJ which is “The Shore”. We ate everything. Mack and Manco’s Pizza, Kohr Bros. Ice Cream, Rita’s Water Ice, Curly’s Cheese Fries and a cheese steak from some place that was really great. Did some swimming and some body surfing in the freezing cold ocean and did a little tanning in the not really that hot sun. I haven’t been in the ocean for… a long time. Don’t even know. It’s been years. I think the last time I was at the beach was with Kelly years ago and I don’t think we actually went into the water.

Today we went and saw my grandmother, on my father’s side. Haven’t seen her in years and years too. That was nice, and we got to hang out for an hour or so before I had to jet off to the airport. Before jetting off though we took a drive a little further down the road and saw the house I was born in. Or at least lived in when I was born. I was born in a hospital just like you. I had absolutly no memory of the place, which isn’t surprising because we moved to Maine and then Florida pretty much as soon as I was born. I did take a picture of it, just for the hell of it.

So that’s that. I was surprised at how much things have changed since I left. People are old, landmarks are gone, hell, people are gone. This trip pointed out to me just how much Kansas is home now. I miss my house, my dog, my friends and just generally my life. A lot of people I know talk about “going home” when they mean going back to see their parents, or going to where they grew up. When I refer to home it’s when I am talking about heading back to Kansas. This trip was a trip “back to Jersey”.

This week should be pretty great. It’s a short one, to begin with, which is always nice. Got a few concerts, gonna try to get my car the rest of the way fixed, and I’m gonna sleep in my own bed. Or preferably yours. Man, I need to get a girlfriend.

Oh, I need to tell you an embarassing story. On the way out I was boarding my first flight in Philly. I got on the plane and my seat was alllllllll the way in the back. The very back seat. I get back there and there is a black guy (this is important in this story, settle down) sitting in the window seat and I’m in the aisle seat. I sit down and say “Hi there” and he says “Hey. Back row eh?” and before I even think of what I am saying I say “Yea, back of the bus for us.” And then I died of embarassment. What I was thinking, when I said that, was high school and sitting in the back of the bus where all the cool kids sat. I certainly wasn’t talking about segregation and I don’t think he took it that way but man I felt like an ass.