The Month of November

Well, I was a real slacker in November when it came to this website and now it’s too late. You can never go back! You can’t cross the same river twice! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

So I’ll just give the highlights. And I should probably cover the downers although that’s a topic for another post.

Back in early November I finally got around to checking out The Record Bar. Stopped in there before an OKGo show and really liked it. Nice place, clean, decent priced drinks, food till they close and live music almost every night. I’m going back there tonight with The Gang.

The OKGo show that night was awesome. One of the opening bands called She Wants Revenge really did it for me. I saw them described today as “The singer from Interpol joins Bauhaus” which I’d say is pretty accurate. I had never heard of them before and then today I got an email from Buzz talking about The Motherfuckin’ Coheed Show on the 19th!! and apparently The Buzz is playing She Wants Revenge now. My favorite track too. “Tear You Apart”
I haven’t listened to The Buzz since I installed my Carputer.

The next weekend it was Dave and Busters for a friend’s friend’s birthday party which ended up not really happening. We ended up at The Record Bar again and had a superblast. Also checked out Dark Horse Tavern which might be my new favorite last place to go before Westport closes. It’s right next to Buzzard Beach for handy access to fecal corn.

So then I saw Harry Potter, checked out Granite City Brewery in Zona Rosa and finally ended up in Lawrence. We went to Lawrence chasing down She Wants Revenge who, surprisingly, were supposed to be back in town. We went to The Jackpot Saloon and saw The God Project and Diamond Nights (groan). She Wants Revenge never showed up but by that time I was about 15 Stella Artois in and it didn’t matter one drop.
On the way home we stopped at a rest area type thing to pee and get some fries from McDonalds and I tried to party with some people that were hanging out in a van. Turns out they had all just gotten kicked out of their house and were trying to get to Boston or Baltimore or something and needed some money. Bummer.

Thanksgiving was a weeklong event starting with Thanksgiving dinner at work, and then another one at James’ house (which was far better than the one from work) and then one on actual Thanksgiving at Mimi’s Cafe with Courtney and Keaton. Mimi’s was delicious and cheap and plentiful. Highly recommended. Take the whole family. $13.99 for more than you can possibly consider eating + a doggy bag.
I also got some pretty bad news on Thanksgiving morning, but that’s the downer that I mentioned and I’ll write about it later.

The night before Thanksgiving Trica and Steve and I hit up some Rudy’s and then The Hurricane for One Degree Difference, Ludo, or Mudo or something who sucked (sorry) and King’s X who were good but played for about 6 hours too long. Steve bailed to get some sleep and head to Iowa and Tricia and I finished off the evening freezing our asses off eating pizza on The Step. At least I assume we froze our asses off. I actually don’t remember.

And on top of all that, the real reason I have not been writing is that I’ve been working like crazy. I’m working on two paying side projects, my car project and I’m busy at my actual day job. I’ve also got a few ideas for things I want to build and absolutely no time to do it. I’ll be wrapping up one of the side projects soon and that will open up a lot of free time. I’m spending about 4-6 hours a night on it currently.

In the car department the software has come a long way and the hardware is getting better. I bought a dedicated GPS module and wired it all up. It’s a Trimble Lassen iQ 12 channel receiver and it’s smaller than anything in the world. So now I don’t have to turn on my Garmin and tuck it into the sunroof while I’m driving.
I also bought a Motorola V360 Bluetooth phone and a T-Mobile data only account so now the car is always online.

And since it’s always online I’ve started to implement some Internet functionality. I added a new main menu voice command called “Information Services”. The only service I’ve written so far is “Pitch Concert Calendar” which connects to The Pitch, downloads the calendar for the next month and reads off everything that’s going on “today” along with where it’s happening. I love it. I ask it every morning on the way to work. Behold! The Internet!
I’m working on “Movie Listings”, “My Calendar” and a generic RSS reader so I can attach things like Slashdot, ABCNews and CNN and such.

And that’s about that.