Busy Morning

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of sadness and I didn’t know why. It finally struck me when I got on my bike to go to the DMV. I had dreamt that my brother and I were working on our bikes and I dropped mine smashing it all up. Normally when you drop a bike standing still you just bust up the handle bars and dent the tank but somehow I destroyed my exhaust, my head gaskets and other stuff. The bike was leaking oil and gas and was just wrecked.

So yea, I really love my bike and don’t want to drop it.

I was out pretty late last night but somehow I was wide awake at 7am. I decided to head down to the DMV to pick up my custom tag for my bike. They had mailed me about it last week but when I went down to pick it up over lunch last week I pulled my number and there were like 100 people in front of me. Seriously.

This morning it was empty so I got that. Woot! My Monster now says “GRRR”

Then I ran home, grabbed the Exploder and filled it full of excited dog. Took that dog over to Ani-Pals Pet Resort and dropped that dog off. Ran home and back on the bike for a “spirited” ride to work.

Whenever I ride to work I always take the long way. I go out to I35 to 69 and get off at 95th, then backtrack up Quivira. Let me tell you something. Morning coffee’s got nothing on a wild ride to work.