BrewTroller PID Display

The BrewTroller PID Display is a daisy-chainable auxiliary information display for the BrewTroller platform. Using the BrewTroller PID Display you can easily show temperatures and set points on your control panel that are always visible and easy to see.

To purchase a BrewTroller PID Display please visit my store.

For more information please visit the BrewTroller PID Display Wiki Page.


  • Kit Assembly Manual (PDF)
  • Owners Manual (PDF)

2 thoughts on “BrewTroller PID Display”

  1. Ben,

    These can be used in any environment that is able to communicate using the I2C protocol. This is a very common protocol in embedded and industrial control systems, so there is a good chance that it will work. If you give me some more details about your environment I may be able to give you some more detailed information about integration.

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