Palm Pilot Synchronization for BeOS
by Jason von Nieda

BePalmSync is a Palm Pilot synchronization tool for BeOS.
It supports most of the features found in the Window HotSync tool and provides a familiar
BePalmSync allows you to manage multiple Palm Pilots with a Users Configuration Window,
allows you install new programs into your Palm, and support pluggable modules for
synchronization. BePalmSync currently comes with a module for synchronizing your Palm
Address Book with your BeOS People database and a module for syncronizing your Palm Memos
with text files on your BeOS system. A conduit for the excellent datebook program BeThere
is in development and will soon be posted to this website. The BeThere conduit will handle
your Palm Datebook and Todo List. BePalmSync is free software. It is licensed under the Free BSD license so that as many people as possible
can benefit from it.Please feel free to contact me with any questions,
problems, bugs, feedback or anything else. I want to know what you think!


Platform Version
4.5 Intel 0.1.0 Binaries Source
4.5 Intel 0.2.0 Binaries Source
4.5 Intel 0.3.0 Binaries Source
4.5 Intel 0.4.0 Binaries Source


Main Status Window
Deskbar With Replicant

Setup Window (Ports)
Setup Window (Options)
Setup Window (Conduits)
Installation Tool Window
Users Configuration Window


08/06/99BePalmSync gets a nice writeup on The Be Site
08/05/99BePalmSync is seen on The Palm Spot

08/04/99BePalmSync is mentioned on BeNews
08/04/99BePalmSync gets noticed on Beta News

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