Java Video for Windows

A video capture library for Windows by Jason
von Nieda.


This page is for a video capture library I have
been writing up over the last

few weeks. It allows you to capture frames from
any video capture device

supported in Windows and pull the data into your
Java programs.

If you download and try it out, please
let me know
what kind of card

or camera you are using and if it works. If it
doesn’t please let me know

if there are any interesting messages.


A JavaDoc documentation file is included in the
zip file. It is called

CaptureDevice.html and should tell you all you
need to know to get



Version 0.0.1 – first release, I thought
it would support any camera, but

it didn’t.

Version 0.0.2 – This release supports
custom and installed codecs,

which was something I didn’t even know about
when I wrote 0.0.1. Now

it should be able to read data from about anything,
although the

code is a big more buggy than the last because
I am still learning the

codec API. Should work tho.


You can download the current version of this
library here. As with all

of my software, this is Open Source and is licensed
to you under a

FreeBSD type of license. This gives you plenty
of rights to the code and

all should be well. The actual license is found
in the headers of all the

source code, so look there if you are interested.

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