A free Windows network clipboard
by Jason von Nieda

WinNetClip is a free network clipboard for Windows. Run it on any computer on your local
network that you would like to share a clipboard with. Any time you copy text on any computer
running WinNetClip the text is sent to all other computers on the local network running it and
can immediatly be pasted as if it was copied locally.

WinNetClip is free software. It is licensed under the Free BSD license so that as many people as possible
can benefit from it.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions,
problems, bugs, feedback or anything else. I want to know what you think!

For the people who like to ask questions here is how it works. When the application is started it binds a socket to port 18645. It then listens for UDP packets of length 512 or less and if it receives one it pastes it as plain text to your clipboard.
The other half is that the program registers itself as a clipboard viewer which allows it to receive notification of any clipboard changes. Whenever the clipboard is changed the program gets the first 511 bytes of text off the clipboard, opens a sockets and sends a UDP datagram consisting of the C string to the broadcast address and port 18645.
The only tricky part of the program is making sure it doesn’t paste it’s own broadcasted messages, causing an endless loop. To fix that I just remember the last message I sent and if I receive one that is the same I don’t paste it.


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