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In keeping up with The Joneses I went ahead and implemented a photo blog type thingy on my site. You should be seeing a picture to the left and below my menu which is the latest picture I have uploaded with my camera phone and if you click it you should be able to see all the pictures I’ve uploaded with my camera phone. It’s an old idea, but it’s still pretty cool and I like it.

For the curious:
It’s an 11 line shell script that gets triggered from procmail. It grabs a Sprint URL from a standard Picture Mail message, uses wget to get the page and associated images, makes wild assumptions about what the image should be named, copies it to my Photo Blog gallery and my current webcam image which you see on the left.

If I want to take a picture and have it appear on my site all I do is snap the pic and send it to a certain email address on my server. It’s three clicks.

Behold! The Internet!

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  1. Very nice! Like, yet I see no pictures of the head of your penis as originally promised?

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