Car Update

So, I figured you are just dying to hear what is going on with my car. Me too!
The damage:
Bent rear right control bars.
Possibly bent or destroyed subframe assembly.
Scratched up both right wheels.
Destroyed front air dam.
Destroyed front lower “spoiler”.
Destroyed front fender.
Destroyed front wheel well cover.

That’s all I know of so far, but it’s only been to the body shop, not to the mechanic. Body work should be done tomorrow and then it’ll head for the mechanical shop.

Progressive has paid $1900 so far and my guess is they’ll be looking at another $2000 at least. I should be getting it back either Friday (unlikely) or next week “sometime”.

I’ve been completely stressed out about this whole car thing. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking it won’t be as “good” as when I bought it. Probably just something I need to accept but it sure sucks to know I fucked up my badass car before I made the first payment. Luckily there are only 937 payments to go!

6 thoughts on “Car Update”

  1. Yeah. But you made a smart move in taking it to the dealer for repairs. I’m sure she’ll come home driving and looking juuust fine.

  2. Yea, I am really looking forward to that. How much does it generally go up for this kind of thing? Like $5/mo, $50/mo or $500/mo?

  3. Ah, that’s okay then. I intend to switch to another company (assuming I still can) after this claim is finished which will end up making my insurance cheaper even with the extra. The bummer is I was planning to switch before this happened and just didn’t get around to it. Geico is charging like half what Progressive is.

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