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So, I got my car back today, finally.

The body work is perfect. The wheels are perfect. It’s just that pesky engine and transmission that’s not working right.

When I bought the car I immediatly noticed a problem with the transmission. If I was driving hard, during the shift between 3rd and 4th if I had the engine at about 6500 RPM I would grind the gears a little bit. I talked to Mazda about it immediatly and they said to bring it in and it would be fixed under warranty. No problem. Except I needed to take their tech for a ride and do about 80 MPH and it rained for like a month straight and then I crashed.

So while it was in the shop for the crash they talked to Mazda about the transmission and Mazda recommended different transmission fluid. They put that in and now it’s even worse. Happens at about 4500 RPM and at 38 MPH and above.

Additionally, now there is a vibration throughout the car at about 1.5k unloaded and 2.5 loaded. Joy!

So I went back to Mazda and took the service guy and the body shop guy for rides and had them acknowledge the problems. It’ll get fixed, eventually, I know that but in the mean time I have to be without it again next week and find something to drive and annoy my friends and waste piles of money.

My recommendations? Don’t buy used cars. I thought I would be all awesome and save a ton of money buying a year old car but a new one wouldn’t have this transmission problem.
Also: Don’t crash your new (used) car. It’s a real bummer.

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  1. bah, you still dont want a new vehicle. loses 5k after you drive it off the lot, then a year later youd have these transmission problems.

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