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We were just talking about vacation here at the office and Jono, Lake and I all agreed that we didn’t think we had ever taken a two (or more) week vacation all at once. The topic came up because our colleagues in the Netherlands for the project I am working on seem to take two week vacations every three weeks. So, the question:

Have you ever taken a two week (or more) vacation from work?

Respond in the comments or I’ll eat your soul.

7 thoughts on “New Poll”

  1. I get 9 weeks of vacation this year. I asked if I could like take off from the middle of October till the end of the year. They said no.

    I am a sad panda.

  2. No. However, I will be taking two weeks off near the middle of October. I have enough vacation and comp time that I could take a month and a half off if I wanted to (and The Man would let me).

  3. I have. While at AT&T I took 2 weeks. Then oddly enough missed the following 2 weeks when i lost my gall bladder.

  4. Yep, same here! We actually used to get 32 days off regular vacation plus 2 weeks at Christmas and then all the other usual holidays – even within the first year. However, I think they figured it out and cut way back. That’s why I left! hahaha j/k!

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