The Weekend in Review

Well, things quickly got back to normal here. Thursday night Adam, JoLynn and I hit up 75th Street Brewery for some pretzels and beers. My request and they were good enough to entertain me. We met Danny, who is the drummer for several local bands (the Cure cover band and the Smiths cover band) and who is a waiter at 75th. He told us he’s working on a new band called… Transit.. something? And when they start doing shows we should check em out. Supposed to electropunkdancystuff.

Friday we ended up at 75th again trying to “take it easy”. Courtney joined us and after a while we decided to head back to Adam’s. I was pretty tired and I wanted to not get completely hammered so I’d be ready for Scotty’s party on Saturday. That went pretty well until Adam kept pouring me beers and then JoLynn called me a big pussy. I got up and rummaged around in Adam’s cabinets looking for something to challenge her to a shot duel with and all I could find was tequila. Ouch. So, we sent one of those down the hatch and that hurt and then she broke out the Captain and we shot one of those bastards down. Not good. I fell asleep pretty quickly but I could have just as easily thrown up.

Saturday night was Scott’s birthday party at Tanners, but before that I needed to get him a gift! Courtney and I went to the Independence Mall cause she was looking for some purse that only they had and they have a Hot Topic which is a fine place to get a friend a gift. Courtney bought two (2!) purses and I bought three t-shirts. One for Scott and two for me. Scott’s was red and had a picture of a mushroom guy from Mario Bros. and said “Everyone Loves Mushrooms!” which is true. I got one with Duck Hunt paraphernalia on it and an awesome brown shirt with a PARTY switch on it.

So yea. Party at Tanners. Tanners turned out to be a little on the lame side. It was too hot, too crowded and then the lamest band ever came on. We relocated to McCoy’s and the awesome happened. There were shots, there were drinks, there was bread and Courtney threw up in the ladies room. Score! JoLynn has lots of great pictures from the party.

As per regulations we hit up some Town Topic and it was great as usual but with all the food I ate at Tanners, and McCoy’s and all the beer and shots and everything it didn’t sit very well. The hash browns tho… man. I think from now on I might just get a bucket of hash browns and skip the pancakes.
The pancakes are awesome though, too.
Cheryl was in a better mood than last week and she definitely knows me now. She said my order when I walked in the door. Sweet! It’s nice to be a “regular”.

Sunday I spent a lazy day around the house getting Mac OS X for Intel working on one of my PCs. It works and it’s fast. I can’t wait till they release the Intel laptops. I want one!

Next up: Gaming, decorating the house, more OS X and then Adam’s Officially Old White Trash House Party Saturday night! Come one, come all! It’s gonna be a blast.

8 thoughts on “The Weekend in Review”

  1. I didn’t know Danny worked at 75th Street! He’s my sisters hot friend that I’ve known forever. I celebrated my 21st birthday with him at Gojo’s!

  2. Wow, you were at 75th on the 11th? I was there after my big interview at Black and Veatch that evening. What time were you guys there?

  3. We had heard you were in town and were keeping a look out 🙂 I guess we were there from 7:30 till maybe 10:30pm I’d say. We were sitting up in the restaurant section near the front of the building.

    How ya been Steve? How’d the interview go? You comin to KC?

  4. I think we left 75th around 7 or 7:15. We were there early.

    I think the interview went well and hopefully I’ll hear back soon. With luck I’ll be in KC in a month or so. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. I’m answering my own post here, but my ATM receipt from 75th that night says I got cash at 7:43 PM, which would have been right when we were ready to pay our check. We must have just missed each other.

  6. Yep, sounds like we just missed ya. I think we got our table pretty much immediatly and my text message history shows that I sent Adam a message saying “Just arrived” at 7:33. I’m surprised we didn’t walk into each other in the hall 🙂

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